Poleiheira Adherent

Poleiheira adherents are wizards who wish to partake in great odysseys. These adherents bond to a book known as the Poleiheira. This allows them to record their travels as well as any lost magic and lore they encounter.

Bonded Book (Sp)

A Poleiheira adherent forms a bond with a spellbook. This bonded book becomes intrinsically tied to a Poleiheira adherent’s conscious and subconscious mind. The book always opens to the right page, and she can record any number of spells and other information in her bonded book—when she turns pages, more blank pages appear. Other wizards find it difficult to read the book, which displays information in a seemingly random order: the DC of all Spellcraft checks to copy or prepare spells from the book increases by 10.

Each time a Poleiheira adherent attains a new wizard level, she gains four spells (rather than two) to add to the bonded book. The cost and time requirement for writing a new spell into the book are halved. The time to prepare spells is reduced to one third (20 minutes to prepare all spells, and 5 minutes to prepare up to one quarter of her spells). Once per day while holding the book in one hand, she can use it to cast any one spell she has written in the bonded book, even if the spell is not prepared.

A Poleiheira adherent can replace a lost or destroyed bonded book in the same manner as a bonded item. The new bonded book retains a number of spells per spell level equal to the Poleiheira adherent’s Intelligence modifier from the previous bonded book, as well as all the mundane information that was recorded in the previous bonded book. If a Poleiheira adherent replaces her bonded book or dies, the previous book reverts to an ordinary blank spellbook.

This replaces arcane bond.

Great Odyssey

A Poleiheira adherent specializes in exploration and travel rather than a particular school of magic. She gains the abilities below.

This replaces arcane school.

  • Mount (Sp): A Poleiheira adherent can summon a magical steed to her side (per the mount spell) that lasts up to 2 hours per wizard level. The duration of this ability doesn’t need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 2-hour increments. When riding a mount summoned with this ability, a Poleiheira adherent can substitute Spellcraft checks for Ride checks.
  • Master Mariner (Su) At 8th level, a Poleiheira adherent can telekinetically control a boat or ship with such skill and finesse that she counts as a number of people equal to her wizard level for the purpose of determining how many crew members are needed to move a water vehicle. When controlling a ship in this manner, she can substitute Spellcraft checks for Profession (sailor) checks.
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