The astromancer has studied the roving planets and faraway stars all his life. He understands the alignment of celestial bodies and can use that knowledge to his and his allies’ benefit. An astromancer has the following class features.

Class Skills: An astromancer adds Perception to his list of class skills.

Arcane School: An astromancer cannot select conjuration or divination as a prohibited school.

The Stars Align (Su)

At 1st level, an astromancer applies his understanding of celestial patterns to choose the correct flow of events around him. As an immediate action, he may reroll an attack roll, skill check, ability check, or saving throw, with an insight bonus equal to half his wizard level (minimum +1).

He must accept the results of the second roll. The celestial bodies guiding this action overlays his sight, giving him the dazzled condition for 1 hr. He may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + 1 additional time for every 5 wizard levels he possesses. This ability replaces arcane bond.

A Step Ahead (Ex)

At 1st level, an astromancer learns how to interpret star signs, which gives him rudimentary prescience. He gains Improved Initiative as a bonus feat. This ability replaces scribe scroll.

Strike from Above (Su)

At 5th level, an astromancer learns how to sing to the worlds beyond and rain destruction on enemies. Once per day, as a full-round action, he summons coalesced space debris, which strikes an enemy 2 rounds later. If he succeeds at a ranged touch attack, this material deals damage equal to 1d6 hp per his wizard level, split equally between bludgeoning and fire damage. This ability replaces the 5th-level wizard bonus feat.

Augury from the Heavens (Su)

At 10th level, an astromancer’s understanding of stellar patterns improves. He gains the ability to cast divination once per day using his astromancer level as his caster level.

This ability replaces the 10th-level wizard bonus feat.

Read the Stars (Su)

Many charlatans claim to read the stars and portend weal or woe, but an astromancer truly has this ability. At 15th level, when the astromancer uses his augury from the heavens ability and the die roll succeeds, he and up to 10 allies gain a +1 insight bonus to ability checks, skill checks, saving throws, and attack rolls for 24 hrs. If the divination roll fails, he and his allies instead incur a –2 penalty on those rolls. This ability replaces the 15th-level wizard bonus feat.

The Heavens to Us (Su)

At 20th level, the astromancer has honed his ability to call material from the stars. When he uses his strike from above ability, he can target all creatures in a 30-ft. radius (making an individual touch attack for each creature). Alternately, he can fill an area equal to a 60-ft.-diameter sphere with the void of space, which deals 10d6 hp cold damage and immediately suffocates all creatures within the sphere (Fortitude save for half damage and staggered rather than suffocated). This ability replaces the 20th-level wizard bonus feat.

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