Prophets who specialize in arcane magic often claim specialty in manipulating the powers of luck to their advantage.

Associated School: Divination.

Replacement Powers: The following replace the forewarned and scrying adept powers of the divination school.

Inspiring Prediction (Su)

A number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier, you can predict an ally’s success, bolstering others’ resolve. As a swift action, you can shout an inspiring prediction, granting each ally within 50 feet who can hear you a +4 luck bonus on her next attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.

In Accordance with the Prophecy (Su)

A number of times per day equal to your Intelligence modifier, you can publicly declare that your next spell is guided by prophecy. When you do, the next spell you cast has a 20% chance of fizzling (1–20 on a d%). If the spell does not fail, treat the spell as if it had been modified by the Empower Spell feat, even if you do not have that feat. At 12th level, the chance that the spell fizzles is reduced to 15% (1–15 on a d%). At 16th level, the chance is reduced to 10% (1–10 on a d%).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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