Runescribing Arcane School (Wizard)

There is great power in runes, glyphs, sigils and symbols. Those who learn the skills of runescribing master the techniques normally unreachable by their peers.

Glyph Magic (Su)

You add any spell that creates a rune, sigil, glyph, word or symbol to your spell list. To determine the level the spell should be on your spell list, use the rules for determining the level of a spell-like ability. If the spell level is determined by a 4-level caster, increase the spell level by 1. Additionally, you may replace the verbal component of any spell with a written component.

This effectively treats the spell as if you were using the Silent Spell metamagic feat, however, you must be able to inscribe some kind of sigil for the spell on a surface. This means you must have your hands free, have proper materials and access to a writable surface. The nature of what symbol is created for the spell is determined by the caster.

Glyph Trigger (Su)

At 1st level, you may inscribe any prepared spell as a rune or similar marking, effectively delaying the triggering of the spell. The spell takes 10 minutes to inscribe. Treat the spell as symbol of death for the purposes of placement, how it triggers and your ability to set conditional triggers. However, the symbol triggers within a range of 10 feet per spell level, minimum 10 feet. Once triggered the inscribed spell goes into effect.

This ability requires you to also use special inks or chalks with a gp value equal to 25 gp per spell level, or 15 gp for a cantrip, in addition to the normal spell components. This ability cannot be used on spells that already create runes, sigils, glyphs, words or symbols. This glyph trigger spell can be disarmed by any character who can disarm magical traps.

Powerful Symbols (Su)

At 8th level, you can increase the caster level of any spell that creates a rune, symbol, sigils or glyphs by 1. This includes spells used with the glyph trigger ability. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

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