Investigator School

Investigators seek answers and solutions but above all else they hunt. To investigators, magic is an essential tool, vital during pursuit and capture, yet still always secondary to the mission itself. Each investigator has his own understanding of how things should work and tirelessly hounds anyone who breaches that code. While this means most chase down criminals an investigator could just as easily stalk runaway slaves, “enemies of the people,” someone using magic to stay young, or anyone else that draws his ire. In keeping with this attitude, investigators are typically quite strong-willed and confident.

Investigators lead lives of almost constant adventure. They go where their targets lead them and rarely shy away from risk. While few of them care much for wealth or fame they do tend to place a high value on loyalty. Anyone who helps an investigator can usually expect him to return the favor frequently leading him to join an adventuring party. Unless these companions violate his code an investigator often serves as the backbone of the group.

School Powers

Investigators develop abilities that allow them to manipulate guilt for their own ends, make it easier to pursue suspects, and to draw power from prisoners while ensuring they have no hope of escape.

Guilty Conscience (Su)

Whenever you successfully injure, impede, or otherwise affect a creature in a negative way with one of your spells you can also choose to accuse her of a specific crime or similar offense. If actually responsible she must make a Will saving throw (DC equal 10 plus your Intelligence modifier plus the level of the spell cast). If she fails this save you gain a +1 bonus on Intimidate and Sense Motive checks made against her until she either confesses to the proper authorities, you use this ability on another creature, or it is eliminated by remove curse or similar magic. This bonus increases by +1 for every five wizard levels you possess up to a maximum of +5 at 20th level. While affected by this ability the target also suffers a penalty on attack rolls made against you and saving throws against spells or effects originating from you equal to that bonus. Once you reach 5th level you can use this ability against a second creature without releasing the first. This increases to three at 10th, four at 15th, and finally five at 20th. At 20th level targets also become shaken. You can only use this ability on one creature with each casting of a spell regardless of how many were affected by it. Targets never provide any easily identifiable external signs of whether or not they actually were affected making it useless as a test of guilt or innocence. This ability is a language-dependant, mind-affecting fear curse effect.

Trail Tag (Sp)

You can, as a standard action, produce a stream of caustic dye that coats, and then slowly drips off, the target making it much easier to pursue and track her. You must make a ranged touch attack against a creature within 60 feet in order to paint the target with this dye. On a successful hit it deals 1d4 points of acid damage +1 for every two wizard levels you possess (minimum of 1). This dye lasts for 1 hour for every point of damage dealt by the attack.

Coated creatures can reduce this by one hour for every minute spent bathing with soap and water or engaged in similar dedicated cleaning efforts. So long as the target continues to drip this dye all attempts to track her or otherwise follow her trail gain a circumstances bonus on the relevant check equal to twice the damage dealt by the attack.

You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

Useful Prison (Sp)

At 8th level you can, when performing a coup de grace, attempt to transform and merge the target with any nonmagical item you are currently wearing. While this coup de grace causes no actual injury you must still roll for damage as normal in order to determine the DC of the Fortitude save she must make to survive. However, if she fails this save she instead merges with the item you designate. The item then becomes magical, occupying a body slot, and grants you whichever one of the following benefits you choose:

  • Deflection bonus to AC
  • Resistance bonus to one saving throw (Fort, Ref, or Will)
  • Competence bonus on checks relating to one specific skill
  • Insight bonus on caster checks made to overcome spell resistance
  • Enhancement bonus to Initiative
  • Enhancement bonus to base speed equal to 10 feet/bonus granted

The bonus granted in each case begins at +2, increases to +3 as 10th level wizard, +4 at 15th, and finally +5 at 20th level. While you can bind any creature with a physical body you can only select one of the benefits above if used on a creature with a CR no more than one less than your total character level (e.g. if you were 15th level character you would need, at minimum, to bind a CR 14 creature).

You can bind as many creatures as the bonus granted. For instance, at 8th level you could bind up to two creatures to items since your level grants you a +2 bonus on each. You can release a creature from an item at any time as a standard action and they are otherwise automatically released after one day for every two wizard levels you possess or if you stop wearing the item for longer than an hour while awake or conscious. Creatures return in the exact same condition they were when you bound them to the item.

Investigator School Spells

  • Cantrips—daze, detect poison, touch of fatigue
  • 1st level—animate rope, blend, expeditious excavation, hydraulic push, interrogation, mudball, negative reaction, obscuring mist, peacebond, ray of sickening, see alignment, shield, shock shield, sleep, stumble gap, true strike, urban grace, vanish, web bolt, windy escape
  • 2nd level—accelerate poison, blindness/deafness, blur, create pit, daze monster, detect thoughts, dust of twilight, escaping ward, fog cloud, hideous laughter, invisibility, locate object, oppressive boredom, pernicious poison, steal breath, unnatural lust, web
  • 3rd level—ash storm, chain of perdition, deep slumber, hold person, hostile levitation, howling agony, hydraulic torrent, invisibility sphere, pain strike, ray of exhaustion, reckless infatuation, seek thoughts, spiked pit, touch injection, toxic gift, twilight knife
  • 4th level—acid pit, daze (mass), enervation, forgetful slumber, invisibility (greater), locate creature, overwhelming grief, resilient sphere, solid fog, stoneskin, vitriolic mists, web cloud
  • 5th level—absorb toxicity, baleful polymorph, feeblemind, hold monster, hungry pit, icy prison, interposing hand, overland flight, pain strike (mass), passwall, phantasmal web, waves of fatigue
  • 6th level—cloak of dreams, enemy hammer, fluid form, envious urge, forceful hand, ice crystal teleport, mislead, repulsion, unwilling shield
  • 7th level—deflection, expend, forcecage, grasping hand, hold person (mass), lunar veil, scouring winds, waves of exhaustion
  • 8th level—discern location, euphoric tranquility, orb of the void, seamantle, telekinetic sphere, temporal stasis, trap the soul
  • 9th level—energy drain, hold monster (mass), icy prison (mass), imprisonment, soul bind, winds of vengeance
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