Card Reader

Associated School: Divination.

Replacement Powers: The following school powers replace the diviner’s fortune and scrying adept powers of the divination school.

In the Cards (Su)

You are adept at focusing your spells through a deck of cards. You may substitute a deck of cards for the material components of any divination school spell where the material cost is less than 100 gp.

Blessing of the Cards (Su)

At 8th level you can do a card reading for yourself and up to six other people once per day. The card reading takes one hour, and the effects last for one hour per caster level.

To do the card reading, shuffle a card deck and have each player draw a card. Depending on the suit of the card, they gain a different benefit.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Call to Arms: Decks of Cards © 2018, Fat Goblin Games; Author: Jessie Steffler

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