Aquatic Bloodline

Seas, rivers, and lakes have long been viewed as places of magic. The ceaseless ebb and flow, the serenity holding the threat of destructive power, a source of life and of death: All of these are traits associated with bodies of water. Your blood holds these same traits, making you more akin to the creatures of the deep.

Class Skills: Swim.

Bonus Spells: endure elements (3rd), fog cloud (5th), quench (7th), rusting grasp (9th), wall of water (11th), dehydration (13th), ocean’s depths (15th), whirlpool (17th), release the kraken (19th)

Bonus Feats: Agile Maneuvers, Combat Casting, Dodge, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Nimble Moves, Silent Spell, Skill Focus (Swim).

Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell while standing at least knee deep in water, increase the spell’s DC by +2.

Bloodline Powers: As you grow in sorcerous power, you become more attuned to water.

Jet of Water (Sp)

As a standard action, you can fire a powerful jet of water at a single target. The range is 25 feet plus 5 feet per 2 sorcerer levels. The jet of water can be used to either bull rush or trip your target. The jet’s Combat Maneuver Bonus equals your Charisma modifier + your sorcerer level. Since this is a ranged attack, your target does not get an attack of opportunity against you due to the bull rush or trip attempt.

You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

Water Mastery (Su)

At 3rd level, you gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls if both you and your opponent are touching water. These bonuses apply to melee and ranged attacks, including your spells that both require an attack roll and inflict hit point damage. These modifiers apply to bull rush and trip maneuvers made with your jet of water attack.

At 9th level, you gain a swim speed equal to one-half your base speed. You can move through water at this speed without making Swim checks. You gain a +8 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform a special action or avoid a hazard. You can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered when swimming. You can use the run action while swimming, provided that it swims in a straight line.

Watery Blur (Sp)

At 9th level, you can surround yourself with a watery sheath that blurs your outline, making it seem to waver and shift. This distortion grants concealment (20% miss chance). If you use this ability while underwater, you benefit from a 50% miss chance as if you had total concealment. Unlike actual total concealment, watery blur does not prevent enemies from targeting you normally.

A see invisibility spell does not counteract the watery blur, but a true seeing spell does. Opponents that cannot see the subject ignore the spell’s effect (though fighting an unseen opponent carries penalties of its own). You can use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

Water Born (Ex/Su)

At 15th level, you gain the aquatic subtype. You can breathe water. You are also amphibious. You can survive indefinitely on land. You are treated as affected by freedom of movement for determining the effects of being in water or underwater. Your senses become particularly keen. Add your Charisma modifier to your Perception checks. When underwater, double your visual distances1. These sensory enhancements are a supernatural ability.

Douse Fire (Sp)

At 20th level, your touch puts out non-magical flames of Large size or smaller without injury to yourself. You can dispel magical fire as if using greater dispel magic. Caster level equals your sorcerer level.

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In One’s Blood. Copyright 2010, Spes Magna Games; Mark L. Chance.

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