The power of undeath can derive from cold blood as well as hard bone.

Associated Bloodline: Undead.

Bloodline Arcana

Whenever you cast a spell of the necromancy school, your effective caster level is increased by 1.

This ability replaces the Undead Bloodline Arcana.

Bloodline Powers

Your magic emulates that of the hungry dead.

The Blood Is the Life (Su): At 1st level, you can gain sustenance from the blood of the recently dead. As a standard action, you can drink the blood of a creature that died within the past minute. The creature must be corporeal, must be at least the same size as you, and must have blood. This ability heals you 1d6 hit points and nourishes you as if you’d had a full meal. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

This bloodline power replaces grave touch.

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