Your heavenly power derives from insight rather than force of personality.

Associated Bloodline: Celestial.

Bloodline Arcana

Unlike most sorcerers whose innate magic is powered by force of personality, you use pure willpower to master and fuel your magic. You use your Wisdom, rather than your Charisma, to determine all class features and effects relating to your sorcerer class, such as bonus spells per day, maximum spell level you can cast, and the save DCs of your spells. You gain a +2 bonus on all Heal and Knowledge (religion) checks.

This ability replaces the Celestial Bloodline Arcana.

Bloodline Powers

Your quasi-divine nature gives you strange powers.

Sacred Cistern (Su): At 9th level, your bloodline makes you a natural receptacle of divine energy. You can channel energy once per day as a cleric of your sorcerer level –4.

This bloodline power replaces wings of heaven.

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