Jaunter’s Seeking

Prerequisite(s): Rogue 10, worship a deity that grants the Trickery and Travel domains (or their subdomains)

Benefit(s): With the help of the rogue’s deity, the rogue can track down the recipient of the message he bears. If the rogue possesses some piece of information about the recipient that uniquely identifies her (like a unique name or a childhood memory), or an item that belongs to the recipient, it is as though the runner has cast a locate creature spell with the recipient as its subject – though the spell has a duration of “until the message is delivered” and has a range of “unlimited.” Unlike the spell locate creature, Jaunter’s Seeking is not broken by running water or polymorph. It is still fooled by mislead and nondetection unless the rogue makes a successful check against the nondetection effect (CL equal to the rogue’s class level). If the subject is on a different plane the rogue learns the name of the plane and the direction to the closest portal to that plane.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Secrets of the Divine: Adventure, Earth, Magic & Water Copyright © 2014 Steven D. Russell, Author Steven D. Russell.

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