Follow Along (Ex)

Note: This talent is appropriate for unchained rogues and for standard rogues, but is not available to other classes or alternate classes that can choose rogue talents (such as ninja).

Benefit: A rogue with this talent is familiar enough with enchantment magic to fool it, using spellcasters’ complacency to set them up for a surprise attack. Whenever she succeeds at a saving throw against an enchantment effect, the rogue learns the spell’s effect on a failed save, allowing her to play along and pretend to have failed her save. If she does so, the spellcaster does not learn that she succeeded at her saving throw, even if she was the only target, though she must succeed at an opposed Bluff check against a spellcaster’s Sense Motive check to determine whether she is under the enchantment’s effects. While this ruse is in place, the spellcaster is flat-footed against the rogue’s first attack.

If the spellcaster sees the rogue perform (or fail to perform) an action that would be impossible if she were under the enchantment’s effect, he automatically discovers her ruse.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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