Street Magician

Not all who study magic do so in academies and universities. Some master the elusive art by sharing secrets on the street, learning as much from grit and determination as others would from scrolls and spellbooks.

Street performers, runaways from magic academies, or simply orphans with the knack, these rogues study their simple tricks relentlessly. ‘Trained’ wizards may scoff at these simple magic-users and their street-trained magic, but a street magician knows better. By focusing their practice, these magic-users learn tricks and shortcuts that their more “trained” contemporaries could never master. They may not have the technical knowledge of the full spellcaster, but woe be to those who cross a street magician and her magic

(Note: This archetype makes specific use of the guile pool class feature. If not playing with the added guile pool class feature, the rogue instead gains a ‘magic pool’ equal to half her rogue level plus her Int modifier, which may be spent in place of guile points when using a street magician ability or a street magician-specific rogue talent that calls for the expenditure of guile points.)

The street magician is an archetype of the rogue class.

Class Skills

A street magician adds Spellcraft and Knowledge (arcana) to her list of class skills. This replaces Escape Artist and Knowledge (dungeoneering) as class skills.

Skill Points per Level

A street magician gains 2 fewer skill points per level.

Minor Magician (Sp)

A street magician gains the use of prestidigitation as an at-will spell-like ability, using her rogue level as her caster level. This ability counts as possessing the minor magic rogue talent for purpose of qualifying for other rogue talents. The DC is Intelligence-based.

This replaces trapfinding.

Rogue Magic (Sp)

As a street magician levels, she gains spell-like abilities chosen from the wizard/sorcerer spell-list. She gains the use of one spell at 1st level, plus another at 2nd, 4th, and every 2 levels thereafter. Each of these spell- like abilities is usable twice per day, and is Intelligence– based. The street magician must possess an Intelligence score of 10 + the spell’s spell level to select it as a spell-like ability. In all cases, the street magician’s caster level is equal to her rogue level.

At 1st level, the rogue may choose her spell-like abilities from the 0-level spell list. She may choose spells of 1st level or below at 4th level, spells of 2nd level or below at 8th level, spells of 3rd level or below at 12th level, spells of 4th level or below at 16th level, and spells of 5th level or below at 20th level.

Starting at 4th level, she counts as having the major magic rogue talent for the purpose of qualifying for other rogue talents.

This replaces trapsense, Uncanny Dodge , and improved Uncanny Dodge.

Rogue Magic Talents

A street magician may gain the following rogue talents. She may not select any rogue talent more than once unless otherwise specified.

Improved Magic: Choose a metamagic feat when you select this talent. You may alter a spell-like ability you possess with the effects of that feat by spending a number of guile points equal to the level increase of that feat. You may alter a spell-like ability with the effects of multiple metamagic feats by spending guile points for each metamagic feat applied. Altering a metamagic feat in this way increases the casting time to a full-round action, with the exception of Quicken Spell.

This talent may be selected multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time it is selected, choose another metamagic feat.

Familiar: You gain the Familiar advanced rogue talent, even if you don’t meet the prerequisites.

Bonded Object: You gain a bonded object, as the wizard class feature. This does not allow you to possess both a familiar and a bonded object.

A street magician with a bonded object may use it once per day to reuse any spell-like ability she possesses from her rogue magic class feature once per day, as if she were a wizard with that spell in her spellbook. A street magician may enchant her bonded object as if she possessed the necessary item creations feats, treating her rogue levels as wizard levels when determining her caster level. She may also use her spell-like abilities as if they were normal spells when enchanting her bonded object.

If the street magician is not wielding her bonded object, she must make a concentration check with a DC equal to 20 + the spell’s level in order to use one of her rogue magic spell-like abilities. Failure means she fails to use her spell- like ability, and uses up one of her uses per day of that spell-like ability.

Additional Magic: Select a spell from the wizard/sorcerer list that is of a spell level equal to or lower than the highest spell-like ability you possess through your rogue magic class feature. You may use this spell twice per day as a spell-like ability, in all ways similar to the other spell-like abilities gained through your rogue magic class feature.

This talent may be selected multiple times. The effects do not stack. Each time this talent is selected, choose another spell.

Extra Magic: Choose one spell-like ability gained through rogue talents or your rogue magic class feature. You may use this ability an additional 2 times per day.

This talent may be selected multiple times. Whenever you gain this rogue talent, you may select the same or a different spell-like ability.

Advanced Rogue Magic Talents

Starting at 10th level, a street magician may select any of the following advanced rogue talents.

Ambush Spell: You may add your sneak attack damage to any one flat-footed target when using a spell-like ability that deals damage. If the spell-like ability deals damage to multiple flat-footed targets, only one is dealt this sneak attack damage. The additional damage is of the same type as the spell. If the spell allows a saving throw to negate or halve the damage, it also negates or halves the sneak attack damage.

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Rogue Glory. Copyright 2013, Drop Dead Studios; Author Adam Meyers.

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