Dungeon Runner

A dungeon runner is a discoverer of ancient secrets. They are the expert tomb-robbers, crypt-raiders, and cave-delvers who seek the treasures of lost civilizations and the power such treasures bring. Forgotten artifacts and lost mysteries are the prizes these explorers seek, and those who covet such antiquities will pay heavily for the services of a skilled dungeon runner.

The dungeon runner is an archetype of the rogue class.

Underdark Enemy (Ex)

A dungeon runner specializes in fighting foes commonly encountered in tombs, crypts and ruins, and has developed special techniques for destroying them. A dungeon runner’s sneak attack is increased by one die size (d6 to d8) when attacking undead and con- structs, and a dungeon runner also deals half her rogue level in extra damage against oozes. Against all other creatures, her sneak attack is one die size smaller (d6 to d4).

Dark Familiarity (Ex)

A dungeon runner is skilled at using all of her senses when fighting opponents in the pitch black of the underground. She gains Blind-Fight as a bonus feat at 3rd level. She also gains Improved Blind-Fight as a bonus feat at 8th level, and Greater Blind-Fight as a bonus feat at 13th level. If she already possesses these feats, she may choose any other feat for which she qualifies.

This replaces ambush. If not playing with the added ambush class feature (See Glory Rogue), the dungeon runner instead gains 2 fewer skill points per level.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Rogue Glory. Copyright 2013, Drop Dead Studios; Author Adam Meyers.

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