The churmanger has unlocked the secrets of evolving his animal companion, granting it supernatural abilities not native to current members of its species. The churimanger forges an especially strong bond with this special companion and may share his own life force as needed and even magically swap places in times of great need.

Bonded Companion (Su)

The churimanger must select the animal companion for his hunter’s bond at 4th level. The animal companion is chosen from the animal list provided under Hunter’s Bond.

In addition to gaining the benefit’s of the churimanger’s favored enemy and favored terrain bonuses, the bonded animal also gains a mystical life link with the churimanger. The churimanger can sense when his animal companion take enough damage to reduce it to zero or less hit points and may sacrifice his own hit points to mitigate the damage to his companion. This is a one to one point exchange and the churimanger may only sacrifice enough hit points to reduce his own hit points to 0. If the hit points sacrifice would still result in the companion being reduced to zero or less hit points, the ability does not function.

At 14th level, the life bond extends to both directions and the animal companion may sacrifice its own hit points to protect the churimanger’s life force with the same restrictions as given above.

This ability alters the ranger’s Hunter’s Bond ability gained at 4th level.

Evolving Companion (Su)

The animal companion chosen as the bonded companion may be altered in a similar manner to the summoner’s Eidolon. The animal companion gains an evolution pool and points may be spent to enhance the animal companion. As with an Eidolon, the churimanger must decide what evolutions the animal companion may gain and once selected cannot be changed until the churimanger gains a new level. Existing animal abilities cannot be replaced with evolutions, but may be enhanced (such as increased damage, reach, etc.). The churimanger’s effective class level for determining what evolutions are available is equal to the Summoner’s class level -3. In addition, the churimanger is limited to the number of points that may be spent on a single evolution as given in the table below which also includes the number of points within the evolution pool.

Animal Companion Evolutions
Churmanger Level Evolution Pool Max. Pts./Evolution Max. Attacks
5 2 1 3
6 3 1 3
7 4 1 3
8 4 2 3
9 5 2 4
10 6 2 4
11 7 2 4
12 8 2 4
13 8 3 5
14 9 3 5
15 10 3 5
16 12 3 5
17 12 4 6
18 14 4 6
19 15 4 6
20 16 4 6

The animal companion is also limited in the number of natural attacks it may make based on its natural abilities and evolutions as listed in the table provided.

The churimanger may take feats that grant enhancements to an eidolons’ evolution pool and is considered to have the Eidolon class ability though it applies to his animal companion.

If the churimanger’s animal companion is killed or released, the next companion will have the same evolutions once the bond is complete until the churimanger gains a level (in which case the evolutions may be changed as given above).

This ability replaces the Spell ability normally available to the ranger. The churimanger does not gain the ability to cast ranger spells.

Summon Companion (Su)

At 9th level the churimanger may call his companion to his side as a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The animal companion must be 100 ft. +10 ft per churimanger class level and the function is identical to dimension door in effect. The churimanger may use this ability a number of times per day equal to his Wisdom modifier (minimum of 1). One additional time per day is added every three levels beyond 9th.

This ability replaces the ranger’s Evasion ability gained at 9th level.

Companion Transposition (Su)

At 16th level the churimanger may magically swap places with his animal companion as long as it is within 400 ft + 40 ft per churimanger class level. The churimanger must spend a standard action to perform the transposition and it does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The churimanger may use this ability once per day and gains an additional use every level thereafter (with a maximum of 5 times at 20th level).

This ability replaces the ranger Improved Evasion class ability normally gained at 16th level.


Section 15: Copyright Notice

Player Paraphernalia #6 Churimanger (Ranger Archetype). ©2015, The Knotty-Works; Author John Buckley.

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