Some rangers listen so closely to the terrain they live in that they begin to hear the Words that inhabit it. They never learn the traditional natural magics, but instead can call forth the Words of their favored terrains.

Words of Nature: Beginning at 4th level, you may now use the Words associated with your favored terrains a number of times per day each equal to your favored terrain bonus for that terrain, treating your ranger level – 3 as your Speaker level. Learn the following Identifying Words: All, Ally, Enemy, and Self. The Words associated with each terrain are as follows:

This ability functions as the Words of Foundation class feature from Speaker, except you use Wisdom instead of Intelligence. This ability replaces spellcasting.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Speaker: A Pathfinder 1e class designed for use in the Lost Lands, © 2021, Michael Mars, Author Michael Mars Russell

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