Trophy Hunter

Some rangers have taken up the mysteries of black powder in order to become big game hunters. Finding firearms useful for taking down large and dangerous prey, they enter the fight with the crack of black powder fire, often ranging far and wide in their safaris and searches for ever-more-dangerous denizens of the wild to track, study, appreciate—and kill. While this might strike some as going against the ranger’s usual respect for nature and the creatures of the wild, trophy hunters understand that they are just more pieces in nature’s grand puzzle, and that the laws of the jungle—the right to kill and feed on those weaker than you, and the need to establish dominance through cunning and bloodshed—are both their rights and their duty as the current top of the food chain.

Improved Tracking (Ex)

At 1st level, a trophy hunter gains a +2 bonus on Survival skill checks when following or identifying tracks. When he tracks, he can also attempt a Knowledge (nature) check at DC 15. On a success, the trophy hunter can discern the type and condition of any animals or magical beasts he tracks. By studying their tracks, the trophy hunter is able to identify a rough approximation of their health, maneuverability, and their general behavior as compared to the norm.

This ability replaces wild empathy.

Firearm Style

At 2nd level, a trophy hunter gains the Amateur Gunslinger feat and Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms), and can use any 1st-level gunslinger deed. At every four levels thereafter, the trophy hunter can take a grit feat or select a gunslinger deed of his level or lower, ranger’s choice.

This ability replaces replaces all combat style feats.

Hunter’s Aim (Ex)

At 4th level, a trophy hunter gains a specific understanding of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of his favored enemies, and his careful study of these enemies reveals the best way to hurt them. When the trophy hunter makes a firearm attack against a favored enemy, he can target touch AC in the first two range increments of his firearm. This ability stacks with other effects that increase the range increments to target touch AC, adding one range increment to the effect.

This ability replaces hunter’s bond.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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