A sentinel specializes in heightening all of her senses to expose spies and those who work for opposing factions, rooting out all who attempt to slip past her ever-vigilant watch. Her uncanny skills are in ready demand by city guards, business owners, and even criminal organizations that desire to keep the authorities out of their disreputable affairs.

Mugshot (Sp)

A sentinel can spend 1 minute studying the appearance of a target or a likeness of the target in the form of a picture, carving, or visual illusion and memorize it with perfect recall. From that point on, the sentinel gains a +4 bonus on Perception checks to notice the target in disguise or pick him out of a crowd. The sentinel is automatically allowed a Perception check against the target’s Disguise check whenever she sees the target, even if the individual isn’t doing anything to draw attention to himself.

A sentinel can memorize the appearance of a number of targets equal to her Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) at any given time. Once a sentinel has reached her maximum number of memorized appearances, she must forget one of the memorized faces before gaining a new one.

This ability replaces wild empathy.

Uncanny Alertness (Ex)

At 4th level, a sentinel is always ready to defend against incoming attacks. A sentinel is never flatfooted before acting in combat, even if she is surprised (she can still become flatfooted by any other effect or situation that would render her flat-footed).

At 7th level, the sentinel also always acts on the surprise round. If she would have acted on the surprise round anyway, or if there is no surprise round, she gains a bonus on initiative checks equal to half her ranger level.

This ability replaces a ranger’s hunter’s bond and woodland stride.

Sense Intruder (Su)

At 6th level, a sentinel gains the ability to establish an incredibly effective watch by standing still and focusing on all of her senses as once. At any time, she can spend 1 minute setting up this ability. Once she has done so, she must stand still, taking no other actions except to keep track of her surroundings; she can’t even take free actions like talking. Her heightened senses grant her a supernatural awareness of her surroundings within 20 feet. If any Tiny or larger creature enters the area over which her awareness extends, she automatically knows that it did so (this part of the ability is a divination effect and can’t be deceived by spells that block sensory input, only by extreme effects like mind blank). Furthermore, unless that creature is simultaneously negating its visual, auditory, and scent stimuli (such as by being under invisibility, silence, and negate aroma all at once), the sentinel can attempt a Perception check as an immediate action to pinpoint the intruder’s location, ignoring any Stealth bonuses the intruder might gain from effects that obscure only one of those senses, such as invisibility, camouflage, or other spells or abilities.

This sort of heightened analysis of sensory stimuli is taxing, as much so as hustling overland for an equivalent period of time, despite not moving from a single spot. The sentinel can use this ability for 1 hour without penalty.

Using sense intruder for a second hour in between sleep cycles deals 1 point of nonlethal damage to the sentinel, and each additional hour deals twice the damage taken during the previous hour. A sentinel who takes any nonlethal damage from using this ability becomes fatigued. Each hour the sentinel uses sense intruder also counts as 1 hour of hustling overland for the purpose of determining how much nonlethal damage the sentinel takes in a single day.

Starting at 10th level, whenever the sentinel gains a combat style feat, she can choose to trade it for a 10-foot increase in the radius of this ability.

This ability replaces the combat style feat gained at 6th level and alters combat style feats.

Mugshot Quarry (Ex)

At 11th level, the sentinel can activate her quarry ability (and her improved quarry ability at 19th level) against any of the targets she has memorized with the mugshot ability, even if the creature in question is not within her line of sight.

This ability alters quarry and improved quarry.

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