Bombardier (Ranger Archetype)

The bombardier is a master of using thrown explosives in combat, and even studies carefully the arts of demolition in all their applications.

Skills: A bombardier adds Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (engineering), and Use Magic Device to his list of class skills and removes Handle Animal, Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (nature), and Ride from his list of class skills.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A bombardier is proficient with all simple weapons and bombs. They are also proficient with light armor, but not with shields.

Bombs (Su)

A bombardier gains the bombs class feature, as an alchemist of the same level.

This replaces favored enemy and master hunter.

Experimental Weaponeer (Ex)

A bombardier gains a competence bonus equal to one-half his ranger level (minimum +1) on Craft (alchemy) checks made to create or identify alchemical weapons, including crafting gunpowder and cartridges for firearms. This bonus also applies on Craft (siege weapons) checks and on Knowledge (engineering) checks made to aim a siege weapon.

This replaces track and wild empathy.

Bomber Combat Style

At 2nd level, a bombardier adopts a combat style centered around thrown weapons, gaining one of the following as a bonus feat: Distance Thrower, Extra Bombs, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Point-Blank Shot, Throw Anything, Two-Weapon Fighting.

At 6th level, he adds Close-Quarters Thrower, Concentrated Splash, Deafening Blast, Deceptive Exchange, Distracting Explosion, False Opening, and Grenade Expert to the list.

At 10th level, he adds Implant Bomb, Pinpoint Targeting, Remote Bomb, and Shot on the Run to the list.

This alters combat style feats.


At 3rd level and every 5 levels thereafter, a bombardier gains an alchemical discovery, as the alchemist class feature, treating his alchemist level as two levels lower than his ranger level for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

He may gain additional discoveries with the Extra Discovery feat. A bombardier may only select discoveries that modify or affect bombs or extracts.

This replaces favored terrain.

Grenadier (Ex)

At 3rd level, a bombardier becomes expert in the use of alchemical weapons and grenades. If such a weapon allows a saving throw to negate or reduce its effect, the saving throw’s DC increases by 1 (to a maximum DC of 22). The DC increases by an additional 1 at 7th level and every 4 levels thereafter (to a maximum of 5 higher at 19th level). This does not affect the save DC of bombs.

This replaces Endurance.


At 4th level, a bombardier gains the ability to prepare a small number of alchemical extracts, which are drawn from the alchemist formula list. A bombardier must choose and prepare his extracts in advance. To prepare or use an extract, a bombardier must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the extract’s level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a bombardier’s extract is 10 + the spell level + the ranger’s Wisdom modifier.

Like an alchemist, a bombardier can use only a certain number of extracts of each level per day. His base daily extract allotment is the same as a ranger’s spell allotment, and he receives bonus extracts per day if he has a high Intelligence score. When the ranger spell allotment table indicates that a ranger would get 0 spells per day of a given spell level, a bombardier gains only the bonus extracts he would be entitled to based on his Intelligence score for that level.

A bombardier is limited to learning the following extracts, but also may learn additional rare or unique extracts that affect bombs.

  • 1st-bomber’s eye, damp powder, endure elements, fabricate bullets, longshot, targeted bomb admixture, weaken powder
  • 2nd-bullet shield, destabilize powder, empower holy water, full pouch, magic siege engine, protection from arrows, reloading hands, resist energy, shadow bomb admixture, stabilize powder, telekinetic assembly, thunder fire
  • 3rd-bouncing bomb admixture, draconic reservoir, endure elements (communal), lightning lash bomb admixture, named bullet, pellet blast, protection from arrows (communal), protection from energy, resist energy (communal)
  • 4th-arcane cannon, energy siege shot, fire shield, healing warmth, languid bomb admixture, magic siege engine (greater), named bullet (greater), viper bomb admixture, vitriolic mist

A bombardier must spend 1 hour per day in quiet study and preparation to regain his daily allotment of extracts. A bombardier learns two 1st-level extracts at 4th level and learns one additional extract each time he gains a level thereafter. He also may learn additional extracts as an alchemist can by studying the formula book of another alchemist or investigator, or the spellbook of a wizard if the spell appears on the wizard class list.

Through 3rd level, a bombardier has no caster level. At 4th level and higher, his caster level is equal to his ranger level – 3.

This replaces spells.

Heavy Weaponer (Ex)

At 4th level, a bombardier expands her knowledge of explosives, gunpowder, and heavy weaponry of all kinds. She may select one of the following feats as a bonus feat:

Amateur Gunslinger, Demolitions Expert, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (siege weapons), Gunsmithing, Master Siege Engineer, Siege Commander, Siege Engineer, Siege Gunner.

If the campaign is using advanced technological weapons, a bombardier also may choose Exotic Weapon Proficiency (heavy weaponry) as a bonus feat.

A bombardier gains one additional bonus feat every 4 levels after 4th.

This replaces hunter’s bond, swift tracker, camouflage, and hide in plain sight.

Master Grenadier (Ex)

At 7th level, a bombardier learns to use alchemical weapons and grenades with great precision, gaining one of the following benefits each round as a free action.

  • Accurate Toss: When an attack with a thrown splash weapon misses, you can alter the location of the miss by 5 feet in any direction.
  • Deadman Switch: You can prepare a grenade, alchemical weapon, or bomb to go off if you are attacked, allowing you to trigger the grenade or weapon as an immediate action. If you are knocked unconscious, killed, or otherwise rendered helpless (or if you are disarmed or otherwise forced to drop the item), it goes off immediately. The area of the grenade or splash weapon’s blast must be centered on the edge of your space. If the weapon’s activation was triggered as an immediate action in response to the action of a creature adjacent to you, you can make a melee touch attack to target that creature with the weapon. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The creature that triggers the weapon’s detonation (whether from an immediate action or from incapacitating you) takes a -2 penalty on any saving throw allowed by the weapon.
  • Double Toss: If you have a splash weapon or grenade in each hand, you can throw both as part of a single standard action. Both attacks take a -4 penalty on their attack rolls.
  • Immediate Blast: A grenade you throw explodes immediately on impact, rather than with a delay.
  • Potent Blast: If the weapon or grenade deals hit point damage, you can increase the damage dealt by an amount equal to your Intelligence modifier.
  • Safe Blast: You can exclude one square in the weapon or grenade’s normal blast radius from its area of effect. A creature in that square is unaffected by the weapon or grenade.
  • Swift Pull: You can draw an alchemical weapon or grenade as a free action, allowing you to make one iterative attack when using the full-attack action.
  • Team Toss: You can throw an alchemical weapon or grenade to an ally within 5 feet times your Intelligence modifier. If the attack hits, your ally catches the weapon before it detonates and can either throw it again as an immediate action using its own attack roll or can simply retain the weapon.

At 11th level and every 4 levels thereafter, you can use one more of these benefits each round. You may select the same benefit multiple times per round and can apply the same benefit more than once to the same attack. Damage from potent blast does not stack.

This replaces woodland stride, quarry, and improved quarry.

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