Divinely Bound Ranger

Divinely bound ranger is accompanied by a familiar instead of the animal companion that most possess. This familiar is a divine aspect of nature whose soul is intertwined with the ranger.

The divinely bound ranger is an archetype of the ranger class.


At 4th level, a divinely bound ranger forms a bond with a familiar. His effective wizard level is equal to his actual ranger level. At 6th level, he gains improved familiar as a bonus feat.

This ability replaces hunter’s bond

Enhanced Spellcasting

This functions like the regular class feature of the same name for rangers, except that a divinely bound ranger’s caster level is equal to his ranger level. In addition, the divinely bound ranger gains one more spell of each level than normal.

Evolved Familiar

At 5th level, a divinely bound ranger gains evolved familiar as a bonus feat even without meeting the prerequisites. In addition, he does not need to meet the prerequisites to take the feat multiple times.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Advanced Archetypes © 2014, Flaming Crab Games; Authors: Tanner Wahlin, Alex Abel, and C. J. Withers

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