Oath against Spirits

A paladin who selects this oath vows to destroy all traces of pact magic and rid the world of the influence of spirits. While many paladins recognize that not all occultists are evil, many are equally willing to eradicate the good and neutral ones in order to assure that pact magic can never fall into the hands of the wicked.

Detect Spirits (Su)

This ability works like the standard paladin ability detect evil, except it detects creatures that are bound to spirits and objects that are used in pact magic rituals. The information gathered is as follows:

1st Round: Detect the presence or absence of spirits.

2nd Round: Learn the number of spirits in the area and the level of the most powerful spirit.

3rd Round: Know the level and location of each spirit. If the aura is outside of the paladin’s line of sight, he or she discerns its direction but not its exact location.

This ability replaces detect evil.

Exhaust Spirit (Su)

At 3rd level, whenever the paladin smites a creature, he or she may attempt to exhaust the powers of the target’s bound spirit in lieu of dealing the smite attack’s extra damage. The struck creature must make a Will save (DC 10 + ½ the paladin level + the paladin’s Cha modifier). On a failed save, one spirit’s major granted ability becomes expended for a number of rounds equal to ½ the paladin’s level. If the subject is bound to multiple spirits, randomly determine which spirit is affected. A spirit affected by this ability is susceptible to the Exorcise Spirit binder secret.

This ability replaces the mercy gained at 3rd level.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pact Magic Unbound, Vol. 1. Copyright, 2012, Radiance House. Author(s): Alexander Augunas, Dario Nardi

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