Scion of Peace

While all Steel Falcons are peerless proponents of the rights of the downtrodden, those who endeavor to make the spread of liberty as peaceful as possible often become Scions of Peace, honoring the powerful avoral agathion who serves as the patron of the Steel Falcons. A Scion of Peace attempts to exemplify this selfless altruism, offering assistance to the oppressed and facilitating the peaceful transfer of power from the few to the many.

Scions of Peace strive to build strong communities both at home and abroad. Wherever possible, a Scion of Peace opts for peaceful, grassroots solutions to problems, encouraging them to take a central role in bettering their lot in life.

Scion’s Faith (Ex)

A Scion of Peace must worship a lawful good deity, and she gains Fly as a class skill instead of Ride.

This alters class skills.

Egalitarian (Su)

At 2nd level, once per day as a swift action, a Scion of Peace can halve her bonus on saving throws from divine grace (minimum +1) to grant the resulting bonus to herself and to all allies within 30 feet. This shared bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to the scion’s Charisma modifier, after which her divine grace is suppressed for 1 hour before returning to normal.

This ability alters divine grace.

Bonded Eagle (Sp)

At 5th level, a Scion of Peace forms a bond with an eagle using the statistics for a bird animal companion. The eagle is a loyal companion that accompanies the scion on her adventures. When the scion activates smite evil, she can expend an additional use of smite evil to grant her eagle the bonuses granted from smite evil as well. This ability functions like the druid animal companion ability, using the scion’s paladin level as her effective druid level.

This ability replaces divine bond.

Consensus (Ex)

At 8th level, twice per day as a swift action during the first full round of Combat, a Scion of Peace can take a vote from a number of allies equal to or less than 3 + the scion’s Charisma modifier, all of whom must be within 30 feet of the scion of peace. In initiative order, each ally can vote for Freedom, Justice, or Responsibility. Allies who vote receive a +2 sacred bonus either on attack rolls (if Justice wins), on saving throws (if Freedom wins), or to Armor Class (if Responsibility wins) until the end of Combat. The Scion of Peace votes last, and in the case of a tie, her vote breaks the tie.

This ability replaces aura of resolve.

Crusader’s Gift (Sp)

At 11th level, a Scion of Peace can summon an avoral agathion as if via summon monster VII (caster level equals the scion’s character level).

This ability replaces aura of justice.

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