Fate Swayer (Paladin Archetype)

Fate swayers use their fate pool to steer outcomes in the right direction.

A fate swayer has the following class features.

Nature Heart: Fate swayers gain Knowledge (nature) and Survival as class skills, but they do not gain Knowledge (nobility). This alters class skills.

Fate Pool (Su)

Some of a fate swayer’s auras work differently than those of a typical paladin. A fate swayer retains the special abilities and immunities granted to themselves by their auras, but allies within 10 feet of the fate swayer do not gain any benefits from the fate swayer’s auras. (Aura of justice is the only aura not affected by this ability.) For example, at 3rd level, when fate swayers gain aura of courage, they gain immunity to fear as usual, but their allies gain no benefit at all from their aura. Instead, at 3rd level, fate swayers gain a fate pool, supernatural energy they can use to alter a creature’s fate. The number of points in this pool is equal to 3 + the fate swayer’s Charisma modifier. Every morning at dawn, when the fate pool refreshes, the fate swayer can choose one skill to gain a +1 luck bonus on for the next 24 hours as long as the fate swayer has at least 1 point in their fate pool.

A fate swayer can spend 1 point from their fate pool to activate any of the following fate powers:

  • Pay Back: After taking damage from an enemy’s melee weapon attack, as an immediate action, a fate swayer can spend 1 point from their fate pool to inflict half the amount of damage (of the same type) upon their attacker. A successful Fortitude save (DC = 10 + 1/2 the fate swayer’s level + the fate swayer’s Charisma modifier) reduces the damage to one quarter. This power can only be used once per round.
  • Pay it Forward: When a fate swayer uses their lay on hands ability to heal themself, they can use a move action to spend 1 point from their fate pool to gain the ability to share their healing dice with an ally that is within 10 feet. (They do not need to touch this ally, nor do they need to spend any additional actions for the healing to take place.) The fate swayer can choose to allot any number of healing dice to be applied to their ally instead of to themselves, but they must use at least one dice on themselves. A fate swayer must be at least fourth level to use this power.
  • Share Fortune: When a fate swayer and an ally within 30 feet are both subject to the same saving throw, the fate swayer can use a free action to spend 1 point from their fate pool to allow the ally to use the fate swayer’s saving throw roll instead of their own. The two must use the fate swayer’s saving throw roll, regardless of whether it is successful or not.

This alters aura of courage, aura of resolve, aura of faith, and aura of righteousness.

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