Soul Shepherd

Whether studying at the feet of psychopomps or merely imitating the creatures’ philosophy and methods, soul shepherds believe in safeguarding the Cycle of Souls.

Calming Strike (Su)

As an immediate action after hitting an incorporeal undead creature with an unarmed strike, a soul shepherd can attempt to calm the creature, encouraging it to move peacefully to the next stage of its metaphysical journey. The target must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + half soul shepherd’s level + the soul shepherd’s Wisdom modifier) or be calmed, as calm spirit, for 1 minute.

The soul shepherd can use this ability against a haunt by making a touch attack against an AC of 10 + the haunt’s CR. A haunt does not receive a saving throw against this ability, but the ability’s duration changes to concentration + 1 round, up to 1 round per level. A soul shepherd can use this ability a number of times per day equal to his soul shepherd level.

This replaces stunning fist.

Otherworldly Resilience (Ex)

At 2nd level, a soul shepherd gains DR 2/adamantine, cold resistance 5, and electricity resistance 5. At 9th level, this improves to DR 5/adamantine, cold resistance 10, and electricity resistance 10.

This replaces evasion and improved evasion.

Spirit Sense (Su)

At 12th level, a soul shepherd can spend 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action to grant himself the ability to notice, locate, and distinguish between living and undead creatures within 30 feet, just as if he had a psychopomp’s spiritsense ability (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 308) for a number of rounds equal to his Wisdom modifier (minimum 1).

This replaces abundant step. (For the unchained monk, this replaces the ki power gained at 12th level.)

Yamaraj’s Judgment (Sp)

At 15th level, a soul shepherd can spend 1 point from his ki pool as a standard action to attempt to free an enslaved soul from an effect that is imprisoning it, such as soul bind or trap the soul. This functions as a targeted dispel magic spell with a caster level equal to the soul shepherd’s level. He can spend an additional ki point when he activates this ability to gain a +4 bonus on the caster level check. If the soul is held prisoner by a creature or a non-spell effect, the soul shepherd frees it if his caster level check result is at least 11 + the creature or effect’s CR.

This replaces quivering palm. (For the unchained monk, this ability is gained at 16th level and replaces the ki power gained at 16th level.)

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Adventure Path #139: The Dead Roads © 2019, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Ron Lundeen, with Crystal Frasier, Kyle T. Raes, Matt Morris, Mikhail Rekun, and Mike Welham.

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