Martial training, commonly referred to as glima, begins at an early age in many polar communities.

Young children first learn the art of hand-to-hand combat soon after they can stand. The early lessons focus on attacking and defending with the equipment the gods gave them at birth. Their fists, feet, elbows, knees, and foreheads develop into formidable weapons and tools to deflect their adversaries’ blows. Over time though, many graduate from flesh and bone to steel and wood. Countless hours of sparring and exercise sharpen their skills wielding manufactured weapons and wearing man made armor. These armed and armored men and women form the backbone of the typical polar fighting force or raiding party. However, a select handful of rigorously disciplined individuals opt to forego the conventional path and instead choose to refine further their combat prowess with unarmed attacks. While they still receive some training swinging the swords, axes, and spears their people commonly use in battle, they fixate their attention predominately on transforming their minds and bodies into fearsome implements of war. From here, the lausatuuk deviates from accepted monastic practices by incorporating spontaneity into his unusual fighting style. He excels at catching his opponents off-guard using underhanded tactics shunned by other monks. Biting, gouging, and hurling snow into an enemy’s face form an integral part of his attack routines. The lausatuuk prefers skulking in the shadows, where he silently and efficiently picks off his adversaries one by one without being detected. Nonetheless, the lausatuuk defies the stereotypical image of the “lone wolf.” He almost always coordinates his activities in conjunction with the actions of a larger fighting force, rather than merely going it alone to advance his own agenda. In a tight spot, he can stand toe to toe alongside his associates in a fair fight, where he once again proves his invaluable worth.


A lausatuuk adds Disguise to his list of class skills and removes Ride.

This alters the monk’s class skills.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A lausatuuk is proficient with the battleaxe, greataxe, greatsword, handaxe, longspear, longsword, short sword, shortspear, spear, and throwing axe, instead of a monk’s usual weapon proficiencies.

This alters the monk’s weapon and armor proficiency.

Flurry of Blows (Ex)

Starting at 1st level, a lausatuuk can make a flurry of blows using unarmed strikes only.

He may not make a flurry of blows with any other weapons, including special monk weapons. A lausatuuk’s flurry of blows alters and otherwise functions as normal for a monk of his level.

Bonus Feats A lausatuuk loses the ability to take Gorgon’s Fist, Medusa’s Wrath, and Scorpion Style as bonus feats. He adds Improved Dirty Trick to his list of bonus feats. At 6th level, he also adds Greater Dirty Trick to his list of bonus feats.

This alters the monk’s bonus feats.

Underhanded (Ex)

At 1st level, as an immediate action, a lausatuuk can make a dirty trick combat maneuver check against any target he successfully hit at least twice with his unarmed strike during his turn.

This combat maneuver check does not provoke an attack of opportunity. At 6th level, a lausatuuk can take a 5-foot step before or after performing a dirty trick combat maneuver so long as he ends adjacent to his target. If he takes this step, he cannot take another during his next turn. If at least one of his hits with an unarmed strike is a confirmed critical, taking the 5-foot step granted by underhanded does not prevent him from taking a 5-foot step during his next turn. A lausatuuk can use this ability a number of times per day equal to his monk level, but no more than once per round.

This ability replaces Stunning Fist.

Ki Trickster (Su)

At 3rd level, a lausatuuk gains a pool of ki points equal to his Wisdom modifier. The pool increases to 1/2 his monk level + his Wisdom modifier at level 4.

This ability alters ki pool.

Ninja Trick

At 3rd level, a lausatuuk gains one of the following ninja tricks: darkvision, fast stealth, shadow clone, slow metabolism, style master, sudden disguise, vanishing trick, ventriloquism, and wall climber. The lausatuuk uses his monk level as the caster level for the preceding ninja tricks. His monk levels stack with any ninja levels he possesses when determining his caster level for all ninja tricks.

He gains an additional ninja trick for every four levels of lausatuuk gained after 3rd level. Otherwise, this works as the ninja’s ninja trick ability. This ability replaces still mind and purity of body.

Master Trick

At 11th level and every four levels thereafter, a lausatuuk can choose one of the following master tricks in place of a ninja trick: ghost step, invisible blade, master disguise, see the unseen, and shadow split. The lausatuuk uses his monk level as the caster level for the preceding ninja tricks. His monk levels stack with any ninja levels he possesses when determining his caster level for all ninja tricks and master tricks. This ability replaces diamond body, diamond soul, and timeless body.

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