Until would-be Hell Knights take the trial referred to simply as the Test-in which they enter single combat with a conjured devil and either emerge victorious or die-they are known as armigers. While this is a blanket term for all Hell Knights-in-training (including those training to become signifers), it also applies specifically to fighters who focus their training to become Hell Knights. Despite their lack of recognized rank, armigers are skilled and deadly warriors.

Most armigers live and train at their order’s citadel, working toward the day when they become full-fledged Hell Knights. These armigers follow a brutally strict routine; they spend hours honing their combat skills against other trainees, obsessively studying in the citadel’s libraries, or memorizing passages of the Hell Knight philosophy known as the Measure and the Chain. At regular intervals, squads of armigers emerge from their citadels to patrol nearby cities or frontier lands, working to enforce Hell Knight law and their order’s edicts.

On occasion, some armigers travel farther from their citadels, searching out those who mock the law and bringing them to justice by any means necessary. While a few do so as squires to full-fledged Hell Knights, others strike out on their own or join bands of adventurers. To make up for the broken routine of adventuring life and the frequent compromises necessary in the presence of such allies, such roaming armigers are expected to perform frequent reckonings. These painful acts of mortification, such as scourging oneself or drinking boiling water, keep the would-be Hell Knight disciplined and focused on the strictures of the Measure and the Chain.

Bonus Feats

When selecting fighter bonus feats, the armiger can select any feats whose names include Hell Knight as though they were combat feats.

This alters the fighter’s bonus feats.

Hellknight Order

At 1st level, an armiger must select which Hell Knight order she intends to join. If the armiger later gains levels in a Hell Knight prestige class, she must select that same order.

Studious Squire

An armiger gains 2 additional skill ranks at each level. These ranks must be put into Intimidate and Knowledge (planes).

In addition, the armiger treats Knowledge (local) and Knowledge (planes) as class skills.

This alters the fighter’s class skills and skill points per level, and replaces the fighter’s bonus feats gained at 1st and 10th levels.

Ardent (Su)

Armigers are difficult to sway from their beliefs. At 2nd level, an armiger gains a +1 bonus on Will saves against charm effects. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 fighter levels beyond 2nd. Once per day, if an armiger is forced to take an action that is diametrically opposed to her order’s beliefs and values while under the influence of a charm or compulsion effect, she can immediately attempt a Will save against the effect’s DC to resist acting out that order. Success does not remove the existing charm or compulsion effect, but does allow the armiger to resist betraying her beliefs.

This replaces bravery.

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