Holy Warrior

A holy warrior is a fighter instilled with divine power to smite the enemies of his faith.

Class Features

A holy warrior has the following class features.

Holy Smite (Su)

A paladin is imbued by his deity to fight the enemies of his faith. When he does so he gains an attack and damage bonus vs. such creatures equal to his level divided by four, rounded down (+1 at 4th level, +5 at 20th level.)

This ability replaces weapon training 1-5.

Holy Weapon (Su)

A paladin is gifted a special weapon blessed by his deity to aid him in his battle against his gods enemies. This weapon counts as a magic weapon but has no other benefits at 1st level. At 4th level the weapon is treated as holy and as a +1 weapon. At 8th level the weapon can be used once per day to banish an outsider and gains +1. At 12th level it can be used once per day to outright destroy an outsider or undead who’s HD are 4 or more less than the paladins. At 16th level any hit from the weapon upon an evil outsider or undead whose HD are 8 or more less than the paladins automatically destroys the creature. At 20th level the paladin can use his weapon to open a gate to the celestial plane once per week and the weapons bonus increases by an additional +1.

This ability replaces armor training.

War Horse

A paladin is aided by a powerful steed. At 1st level this steed is a heavy war horse with maximum hit points. At 3rd level the steed gains the celestial creature template.

This ability replaces weapon training.

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