Visitors are alien travelers from far off worlds seeking to explore or conquer new planets. Capable of seamlessly inserting themselves into indigenous populations allows them to guide less advanced races, or gather valuable information for a coming invasion.

Alien Form (Ex)

The visitor druid is an alien creature that perfectly emulates a terrestrial race in order to understand the beings it intends to befriend or enslave.

However, the facade is merely that, and the alien can reveal her true nature as she grows in power.

At 1st level, the visitor druid appears for all intents and purposes as a member of any one humanoid race, and gains all racial traits as normal. If the visitor druid was a monstrous or non-humanoid race previously, she loses all traits from her former race. The player should work with the GM to define the exact nature of the visitor’s true species.

At 1st level, the visitor chooses additional racial traits worth a total of 2 or less Racial Points.

The visitor can gain or lose these racial traits as a standard action. The visitor must meet any prerequisites for this racial trait. The visitor druid can gain these traits while using the wild shape ability as long as the form taken meets any prerequisites. The visitor druid may not select any advanced or monstrous traits.

At 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter (8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th), the visitor gains an additional 2 RP to spend on racial traits, which may represent new racial abilities or improved racial abilities. At any level the visitor gains additional RP, she may redefine how her RP is allocated. The visitor can gain or lose all racial traits as a standard action.

This ability replaces nature’s bond.

Terraforming (Su)

At 13th level, the visitor druid can alter an area’s terrain and climate to include or eliminate troublesome features. The visitor affects a 40 foot radius around her once per day as a full round action. She may make the area difficult terrain or remove any difficult terrain in the area. She may reduce or increase the force of wind by two steps (such as from light to strong or severe to moderate). She may increase or decrease the temperature in the area by up to 40° F, which may cause cold or heat dangers. The climate and terrain type remain the same (for example, a warm forest remains a warm forest). This effect is permanent and dismissable, but can be dispelled as a spell with the druid’s caster level..

This ability replaces a thousand faces.

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