Pactsworn Pagan

Those who devote themselves to using pact magic to preserve or destroy nature are known as pactsworn pagans. While the vast majority of pactsworn pagans use their powers in harmony with nature while trying to promote a regression to the old ways, other pagans see the might of the spirits as proof of the folly of the intentions of nature and use that power to bring blight and suffering to the world.

Bind Spirit

A pactsworn pagan can seal pacts with spirits. The character’s binder level equals his or her druid level, and the character binds spirits as an occultist of that same level. A pactsworn pagan uses Wisdom in place of Charisma on binding checks and when adjudicating the effectiveness of granted abilities. A pactsworn pagan can never gain a bound spirit’s vestigial companion. Even a multiclass pactsworn pagan retains this restriction.

Constellation Alignment

At 1st level, a pactsworn pagan aligns with one of the following constellations: Beast, Dragon, Scholar, Seer, or Tree. The pactsworn pagan cannot seal pacts with a spirit whose constellation opposes the aligned constellation. Also, the pactsworn pagan is treated as a binder of ½ his or her druid level when making binding checks with, and using the granted abilities of, unaligned spirits.

Diminished Spellcasting

A pactsworn pagan possesses 1 less spell per day at each accessible spell level. If the pactsworn pagan would receive 0 spells per day, he or she only receives the bonus spells that the pactsworn pagan would have gained for having a high Wisdom.

Limited Bond

A pactsworn pagan may not select an animal companion using the nature’s bond class feature. Instead, the character selects a cleric domain, an animal domain, or a terrain domain. A pactsworn pagan may select the Occult domain from among the normal domain options.

This ability replaces nature’s bond.

Spiritshape (Su)

At 4th level a pactsworn pagan can shift his or her body into a form that better pleases the spirits. Specifically, the pactsworn pagan may assume the form of a currently bound spirit’s vestigial companion (or a similar creature,with GM approval) as a polymorph effect. A pactsworn pagan can only assume the form of a vestigial companion if it is one of the following creature types: animal, dragon, elemental, magical beast, plant, undead, or vermin. This ability functions as one of the spells on the list below, based on the vestigial companion’s creature type and the pagan’s level.

4th Level: beast shape I, undead anatomy I, vermin shape I

6th Level: beast shape II, elemental body I, vermin shape II

8th Level: beast shape III, elemental body II, plant shape I, undead anatomy II

10th Level: beast shape IV, elemental body III, form of the dragon I, plant shape II, undead anatomy III

12th Level: elemental body IV, form of the dragon II, plant shape III

14th Level: form of the dragon III, undead anatomy IV

This ability has no duration; the character may remain in the form for part or all of the pact’s duration. While in vestigial form, the character benefits from his or her spirit’s minor granted abilities. However, the spirit’s major granted ability counts as expended while in vestigial form and for 5 rounds after the end effect ends. In addition, a pactsworn pagan cannot assume a shapeshifted form while the spirit’s major granted ability is expended. At the GM’s discretion, a pactsworn pagan may shift into a form that reflects the constellation of a bound spirit. For example, a GM might allow any sufficiently-leveled pagan acquire the form described in form of the dragon I while bound to a dragon spirit. This ability is modified by any feat, spell, or effect that specifically works with the wild shape druid class feature. For example, the Planar Wild Shape feat lets the pagan add the celestial or fiendish template to his or her spiritshape.

This ability replaces wild shape.

Pactsworn Blightcallers

At the GM’s option, a druid with the blightcaller archetype can select this archetype as well. Such blightcallers replace the Tree constellation from their list of constellation alignments with the Skull constellation. Moreover, they can select the Occult domain in addition to the normal additional domains allowed to blightcaller druids.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pact Magic Unbound, Vol. 1. Copyright, 2012, Radiance House. Author(s): Alexander Augunas, Dario Nardi

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