Dinosaur Druid

A dinosaur druid speaks for the spirit of prehistoric nature, even taking the form of great beasts of legend.

Summon Dinosaur (Sp)

A dinosaur druid can summon a wide range of dinosaurs and related prehistoric beasts using summon nature’s ally spells. She adds the following options to these spells when using spontaneous casting to cast such a spell.

This alters spontaneous casting.

Dinosaur Bond (Ex)

A dinosaur druid must choose an animal companion as her nature’s bond, and the animal companion must be a dinosaur.

This alters nature’s bond.

Dinosaur Shape (Su)

A dinosaur druid specializes in assuming the form of dinosaurs when using wild shape. When she assumes the form of a dinosaur via wild shape, she gains a +2 size bonus to her Constitution in addition to the other modifiers granted by beast shape. When she uses wild shape to assume the form of a creature other than a dinosaur, the wild shape effect lasts for only 1 minute per level, rather than 1 hour per level.

This alters wild shape.

Primeval Voice (Su)

At 4th level, a dinosaur druid gains the ability to speak with dinosaurs (as per speak with animals) at all times.

This replaces resist nature’s lure.

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