Cave Druid

Far from the green fields of the world above lies a lightless expanse beneath the surface. This darkling fairyland is not without beauty and natural wonders of its own, and a few druids seek to preserve this hidden realm and purge it of the fell horrors that creep up from below.

Cavesense (Ex)

A underground druid adds Knowledge (dungeoneering) rather than Knowledge (geography) as a class skill and gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (dungeoneering) and Survival skill checks.

This ability replaces the nature sense ability.

Nature Bond

A cave druid may select the Darkness domain in addition to the choices normally allowed, but may not select the Air or Weather domains.

Wild Empathy (Ex)

A cave druid can influence oozes, rather than magical beasts, with a –4 penalty on her wild empathy check.

Tunnelrunner (Ex)

At 2nd level, a cave druid can move through areas of rubble or narrow passages that require squeezing at her normal movement rate and without penalty.

This ability replaces woodland stride.

Lightfoot (Ex)

At 3rd level, a cave druid cannot be detected with tremorsense.

This ability replaces trackless step.

Resist Subterranean Corruption (Ex)

At 4th level, a cave druid gains a +2 bonus on saves against exceptional*, supernatural, and spell-like abilities of oozes and aberrations.

*Probably meant to say Extraordinary (since there’s no such thing as “exceptional” abilities.)

This ability replaces resist nature’s lure.

Wild Shape (Su)

A cave druid gains this ability at 6th level, except that her effective druid level for this ability is equal to her druid level –2. She cannot use wild shape to adopt a plant form. At 10th level, the cave druid can assume the form of a Small or Medium ooze as if using beast shape III, and at 12th level that of a Tiny or Large ooze as if using beast shape IV (treating the ooze as if it were a magical beast without a natural armor bonus). When in ooze form, the cave druid has no discernible anatomy and is immune to poison, sneak attacks, and critical hits.

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