Feytouched (Companion Archetype)

Feytouched companions are strangely colored fauna native to the primal realm of the fey. They gain strange abilities tied to the fey.

Feytouched Skills: Feytouched companions treat Perform as a class skill.

Not Quite Animal: The DC to use Handle Animal on a feytouched companion is 5 higher, as if it were a nonanimal with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2.

Small but Fierce (Ex)

A feytouched companion must be an animal companion that normally starts as Small or smaller. At 4th or 7th level, whenever the feytouched companion would normally gain the choice of a listed advancement or a +2 bonus to its Dexterity and Constitution scores, it instead gains a +2 bonus to its Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores.

This replaces the 4th- or 7th-level ability score and size advancement.

Fey Magic (Sp)

A feytouched companion can cast dancing lights at will as a spell-like ability as a full-round action. At 3rd level, a feytouched companion can ready an action for its master’s spellcasting while adjacent to its master, to allow its master to spontaneously cast one of the following spells by sacrificing a spell slot of equal or higher level: faerie fire (1st), glitterdust (2nd), deep slumber (3rd), major image (4th), confusion (5th), feeblemind (7th), mislead (8th). A feytouched companion’s master can cast each of the spells on the list only once each day in this way.

This replaces share spells and Multiattack.

Iron Bane (Ex)

At 3rd level, a feytouched companion gains damage reduction 1/cold iron. This damage reduction increases by 1 for every 3 levels beyond 3rd. Any creature holding or wearing an item made out of cold iron takes a –10 penalty on Handle Animal checks to handle the feytouched companion.

This replaces evasion, devotion, and improved evasion.

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