Title Wayfinder, The Sojourner, The Eternal Traveler
Portfolio Adventurers and travelers
Typical Worshipers Adventurers, innkeepers, travelers
Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Air, Earth, Travel, Water
Subdomains Cloud, Exploration, Oceans, Trade
Favored Weapon Quarterstaff
Favored Animal(s) Common swift


Veiloaria began her journey, eyes wide with wonder, when the first step drew dust into the air. She has walked the realities of the multiverse since time began, giving aid, comfort, protection, and most importantly, guidance to her fellow travelers. Her path is just one more of those roads, taken in stride, as it were, and the Divine Record mentions her calmly strolling away from The Great Purge. Without prophecy or invitation The Eternal Traveler arrived on this plane as the dust of The Calling settled. The other deities did not know what to make of her until her path crossed with Nise and Kamus. The three deities met at a crossroads, says The Divine Record, that few knew and even fewer trod. Both Nise and Kamus bid Veiloaria make way, for they were on their way to war. The Sojourner politely refused, proclaiming that war was a waste of energy and life. Infuriated, the two gods charged, and then found themselves on their backs aching from the force of their own blows. The Wayfinder was like water and wind, mercurial and dominant. Each attack was turned against the attacker until The Pure and The Stormmaiden gave up and departed. Veiloaria continued her journey, happy knowing that she corrected their errant path. For that is Veiloaria’s purpose in existence: guiding her fellow travelers to their path, whether it be well worn or unexplored.


Veiloaria’s worshipers are many and varied, and she is the informal patron of all who pursue the life of “adventuring”. Veiloaria has no temples, instead maintaining an uncountable myriad of inns and boardinghouses, each known as The Flower and Compass, the Keeper of each being a lay cleric of Veiloaria, often one too old or injured to stay upon the road. The peace-bond within each hostel is sacred, and being banned from The Flower and Compass in one community is to be shunned from all. Her religion has no sacred texts, and her adherents find such writings a little silly, to the chagrin of Gerana’s record-obsessed clerics. The making of maps and the telling of tales are considered prayers to Veiloaria. Her road-clerics, called the Xia, have spread her faith to all lands and creeds. To stay at a hostel assumes a willingness to aid those in need, and the number of adventures both for profit and altruistic help begun at any given Flower and Compass is far too high to count.

Spell Preparation Rituals

Most know the simple tenets of The Wayfinder’s faith. Do no harm unless harm would befall you and your fellow travelers. Aid fellow travelers in need. Exchange what you have with your fellow travelers, whether it is food, goods, a song, culture, ideas, or your company, for a thing’s true worth is found in the sharing. Gratefully receive what is given. Seek out unknown places and tell the world about them. Veiloaria’s devout begin and end each day with a silent prayer and an offering of water, salt and grain. If in a hostel, posting a note of your adventures is also expected.

Religion Traits

The following religion traits may be chosen by worshipers of this deity.

Cultural Bridge

Traveling the road of The Eternal Traveler has allowed you to learn the mores and customs of many tribes and cultures.

Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy or Knowledge (local). Choose one of these skills; it is always considered a class skill.

Staff of the Wayfinder

Devotion to the mastery of your goddess’ favored weapon has forged you into a canny opponent, especially against those who use brute force.

Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus to AC when using a quarterstaff two-handed, and an additional +1 trait bonus to AC against charge attacks.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Gods of Porphyra © 2012, Purple Duck Games; Authors: Christopher Kaiser, Perry Fehr, Mark Gedak, August Hahn, John Hazen, Sean Holland, Sam Hing, James H. Lewis, Chris Longhurst, Scott Messer, Sean O’Connor, David Nicholas Ross, and Jeremy Whalen

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