“Demon Frog God”

Alignment: Chaotic evil

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water

Symbol: Likeness of the Frog God, carved in soapstone

Garb: Green and violet robes, if any

Favored Weapons: Any that slash, cut, and are wickedly curved, as well as, ropes or nets

Form of Worship and Holidays: Too gruesome and perverse to describe even by Our standards!

Typical Worshipers: Aberrations, tsathar, sentient frogs, evil water monsters, The Violet Brotherhood

This foul frog-demon cares less about the machinations of men and power than he does about obliterating light and life with slow, oozing sickness and decay. He is the vicious dark evil bubbling up from beneath the surface, the foul corruption at the heart of the earth. Making his home on the plane of Tarterus at the mouth of the vast swamp of filth deposited by the River Styx as it flows out of the Abyss, Tsathogga’s main form is a colossally bloated humanoid frog with spindly, elongated limbs and fingers. His corpulent body exudes all manner of foul humors and fluids that leak into the vile swamp in which he lies. He has positioned himself so that all of the slime and filth from the River Styx feeds into his gaping, toothy maw. He never moves and rarely speaks other than to emit an unintelligible shrieking. Tsathogga commands a host of evil creatures — notably evil aberrations and his own vile frog race, the tsathar. Thousands of fawning tsathar servants continuously bathe his body in fetid slime from the evil swamp, awaiting the divine bliss of being randomly devoured by him. His hatred of light and lack of human worshipers (though there are a few notable exceptions) mean that he is little known to surface races. He has had few organized centers of worship and no standardized holy symbol — each worshiper choosing its own way to best depict his deific vileness. Occasionally, tsathar priests of Tsathogga on Tarterus sculpt a small likeness of him out of foul chunks of solid waste from the Styx that harden into a vile green substance similar to soapstone when taken from that plane. Such items are prized as holy relics.
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Rappan Athuk © 2012 Frog God Games; Authors: Bill Webb, Matt Finch, Clark Peterson, WDB Kenower, Greg Raglund, Greg Vaughan, and Skeeter Green.

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