The Black One

“The Black Mother

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Death, Destruction, Knowledge, Law

Symbol: A blood-covered woman with four arms wearing a necklace of skulls

Garb: Blood-stained robes adorned with skulls and the severed limbs of enemies

Favored Weapons: Longsword

Typical Worshipers: Assassins, religious scholars

The Black Mother is the bringer of destruction and preserver of order. She is called patron to both assassins and those seeking greater understanding, an often-confusing set of extremes to those who fail to truly grasp the Black One’s divine role. The Black Mother is described as a truly fearsome creature by those who have claimed contact with her avatar — a black face wetted with blood, the heads of those she has slain hanging about her neck and their severed arms as a girdle about her waist. Four great arms stretch from her body, a bloody sword gripped in her upper left hand and the head of a demon gripped by the lower left. If these grotesque features alone had failed to capture attention, the eyes surely would — dark, ruinous and raging.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Rappan Athuk © 2012 Frog God Games; Authors: Bill Webb, Matt Finch, Clark Peterson, WDB Kenower, Greg Raglund, Greg Vaughan, and Skeeter Green.

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