God of Fortune, Understanding, Charisma & Knowledge 

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Luck, Trickery, Glory

Symbol: Gold coin with a curved dagger in its center

Garb: Black robes made from rarest silks

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Form of Worship and Holidays: Donation of coin to temples of Yerran

Typical Worshipers: Thieves & Rogues

Yerran serves as a symbol of fortune and financial growth within the realm. While he is often associated with thieves and rogues, it is often a misunderstanding as he serves the overall good and well-being of the population. Yerran can often be found in his human avatar, wandering from town to town, testing his followers and delivering the promise of Yerran. The most devout followers are rewarded with an unusually high amount of luck. Legend dictates that those who worship Yerran and invest their riches to his cause, will be rewarded with an eternity of fortune and ale.

Despite his unusual habits and teachings, Yerran was not always a god and became manifest through the beliefs of his legendary champion Palos. The mythical rogue Palos started what would later become a group of followers that believed in the supernatural powers of luck & coin. With belief rivaling even that of Paladins following the goddess Arete, it was sufficient to bring the astral and divine planes together to form a new deity that would join the pantheon of the gods.

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