Monsters Domain

You exemplify the monstrous, predatory and violent creatures of the world that your faith so values.

Granted Powers

Monstrous Rage (Sp)

You can touch a creature as a standard action to instill it with a monstrous anger. They gain a bonus on melee attack and damage rolls equal to 1/2 your cleric level for 1 round (minimum + 1) but they take a -2 penalty on Will saves. You can do so a number of times equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Bestial Companion (Ex)

At 8th level, you gain the service of a magical beast companion. You gain the Beast Speaker feat and gain a companion. Your effective druid level for this magical beast companion is equal to your cleric level – 3. (Druids who take this ability through their nature bond class feature use their druid level – 3 to determine the abilities of their animal companions). You must still meet the prerequisites of the magical beast you are taking on as a companion.

Domain Spells 1st keen senses, 2nd bloody tears and jagged smile, 3rdrage, 4thstrong jaw, 5thbeast shape III, 6th primal regression, 7th magical beast shape, 8thfrightful aspect, 9thdominate monster

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Breath of Life: The Archivist, Copyright 2023, Orphaned Bookworm Productions, LLC, Authors: Connor Bates and Norman Mitchell Jr.

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