Doctrine of Pack


    Taking down the most powerful prey often requires allies in the hunt. The doctrine of the pack focuses on such tactics to grant the edge in combat.

    You gain the following abilities.

    Pack Leader (Ex)

    You give subtle signs and codes to your allies, improving their ability to gain advantageous positioning. Allies within 30 feet of you increase the bonus from flanking by + 1 and are considered flanking a target they are adjacent to regardless of other allies’ positioning. To grant this ability, you must have spent at least 2 hours with the ally to teach them your signs and signals.

    Directed Positioning (Su)

    You are able to give a command directing the positioning of an ally. At 16th level, by spending 1 point of faith as a move action, you may grant one ally the ability to move up to their base movement speed, or the speed for the movement type they are currently using, like flying, swimming, climbing, etc. While making this movement, the target gains a + 5 sacred bonus on Acrobatics checks and may do so even when normally restricted by their armor or load.

    Section 15: Copyright Notice

    Prayer – Gods of Winter and Hunting, © 2023, Orphaned Bookworm Productions, LLC, Author: Connor Bates.

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