Hunting Legendary Domain

The domain of hunting is one of tracking, survival and capturing prey. As a cleric of the hunting domain, you revel in the hunt and believe yourself a steward of responsible and competent hunters. You typically take the role of a trapper, guide, survivalist or hunter. The hunt can be useful for feeding yourself and your family or simply a thing to be enjoyed in itself.

Divine Skill: Stealth

Leading the Hunt (Su)

When praying or meditating for spells, you gain the benefits of a single favored terrain as a ranger equal to your class level. You choose which favored terrain you gain a benefit from each time you regain your spells. You cannot choose urban as a favored terrain with this ability. If you later gain levels in a class that grants favored terrain, the levels do not stack.

Additionally, by spending 1 faith point as a swift action, you may grant your favored terrain bonus from this ability to all allies within 30 feet for 1 hour.

Into the Harsh Wilds (Su)

At 4th level, you and all allies within 20 feet are constantly under the effects of the endure elements spell. You may spend 1 faith point to increase this to life bubble for 1 hour.

Camouflage (Ex)

At 8th level, your bonus to Stealth while in the terrain chosen by leading the hunt increases to 1/2 your class level. If you spend 1 faith point to extend leading the hunt to your allies, they also gain the additional Stealth bonus.

Additionally, you may spend 1 point of faith as a standard action to gain the benefits of the spell invisibility for 10 minutes as long as you are in the terrain chosen by leading the hunt.

Domain Spells

1sttracking mark, 2ndacute senses, 3rd-signs of the land, 4thfind quarry, 5th-mark of implacable hunting*, 6th-unerring tracker, 7th-tectonic communion, 8thanimal shapes, 9thforesight

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