Hunting Domain

You treat the hunt as a divine sacrament. In addition you treat Survival and Knowledge (nature) as class skills.

Granted Powers

Lay of the Land (Ex)

When praying or meditating for spells, you gain the benefits of a single favored terrain as a ranger equal to your class level. You choose which favored terrain you gain a benefit from each time you regain your spells. You cannot choose urban as a favored terrain with this ability.

If you later gain levels in a class that grants favored terrain, the levels do not stack.

Hunting Companion (Ex)

At 4th level, you gain an animal companion as a ranger, including which animal companions you may choose from. Your effective druid level for this animal companion is equal to your class level -3. If you later take levels in a class that provides an animal companion, the levels stack so long as you maintain a qualifying ranger animal companion.

Domain Spells

1sttracking mark, 2ndacute senses, 3rd-signs of the land, 4thfind quarry, 5th-mark of implacable hunting*, 6th-unerring tracker, 7th-tectonic communion, 8thanimal shapes, 9thsympathy

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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