Rage Powers: Blood

Bloodrage Rage Powers

Any character meeting the prerequisites can take the following new rage powers. Blood rage powers grant powers in a theme. A barbarian cannot select from more than one group of blood rage powers. A barbarian of any level can take a lesser blood rage power. The middle blood rage power (that without “lesser” or “greater” in the title) can only be taken by a 6th level or higher barbarian that already has the lesser blood rage power of its group. A greater blood rage power can only be taken by a 10th level or higher barbarian that already has the middle blood rage power.

Table: Bloodrage Powers
Power Prerequisites Benefits Source
Lesser Abyssal Blood You gain two claw attacks. PZO1129
Abyssal Blood Barbarian 6, abyssal blood (lesser) 1/day when entering a rage, may choose to grow one size category larger than base size (as enlarge person, even if the barbarian isn’t humanoid). PZO1129
Greater Abyssal Blood Barbarian 10, abyssal blood (lesser), abyssal blood While raging, you gain resistance 5 to acid, cold, and fire. PZO1129
Lesser Celestial Blood While raging, your melee attacks are considered good-aligned for the purpose of bypassing DR and deal an additional 1d6 damage vs. evil outsiders. PZO1129
Celestial Blood Barbarian 6, celestial blood (lesser) While raging, you gain resistance 5 to acid and cold. PZO1129
Greater Celestial Blood Barbarian 10, celestial blood (lesser), celestial blood Once per rage, you may reroll one ability check, skill check, or saving throw you just made but must take the second result, even if lower. You must decide to use this ability after the die is rolled but before results are revealed. PZO1129
Lesser Draconic Blood While raging, you gain two claw attacks. These attacks are considered primary attacks and are made at your full BAB. They deal 1d6 slashing damage if you are Medium-sized (1d4 if Small) plus Str modifier. PZO1129
Draconic Blood Barbarian 6, draconic blood (lesser) Choose an energy type from the following: acid, cold, fire, or electricity. While raging, you gain resistance 5 against the chosen energy type and a +1 natural armor bonus. PZO1129
Greater Draconic Blood Barbarian 10, draconic blood (lesser), draconic blood While raging, you gain a breath weapon that you can use 1/day. For every 2 barbarian levels, this breath weapon deals 1d6 points of damage of the energy type chosen for the draconic blood rage power, either in a 30-foot cone (if cold or fire) or a 60-foot line (if acid or electricity). Those caught in the area of the breath can attempt a Reflex saving throw for half damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 your barbarian level + your Constitution modifier. PZO1129
Lesser Elemental Blood Choose an energy type: acid, cold, fire, or electricity. While raging, as a swift action up to three times a day, you can imbue her melee attacks with elemental energy, dealing an additional 1d6 points of damage of the chosen energy type for 1 round. PZO1129
Elemental Blood Barbarian 6, elemental blood (lesser) While raging, you gain resistance 10 vs. the energy type chosen from elemental blood (lesser). PZO1129
Greater Elemental Blood Barbarian 10, elemental blood (lesser), elemental blood While raging, you gain a special movement type or bonus based on your chosen element: acid grants a burrow speed of 30 feet, cold grants a swim speed of 60 feet, fire grants an increase of 30 feet to her base land speed, and electricity grants a fly speed of 60 feet (good maneuverability). PZO1129
Lesser Fey Blood While raging, each time you confirm a critical hit, the target must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + 1/2 the barbarian’s level + her Constitution modifier) or be confused for one round. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect. PZO1129
Fey Blood Barbarian 6, fey blood (lesser) While raging, when you charge, you ignore difficult terrain (including magical terrain, but not other creatures). PZO1129
Greater Fey Blood Barbarian 10, fey blood (lesser), fey blood While raging, as long as you move at least 10 feet, you gain the effects of blur for 1 round. PZO1129
Lesser Infernal Blood While raging, up to three times a day as a swift action, you can infuse your attacks with the flaming magic weapon special ability for 1 round. PZO1129
Infernal Blood Barbarian 6, infernal blood (lesser) While raging, you gain fire resistance 5, and a +2 bonus on saving throws against poison. PZO1129
Greater Infernal Blood Barbarian 10, infernal blood (lesser), infernal blood While raging, you gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against enchantment and fear effects. PZO1129
Lesser Undead Blood While raging, when you hit a creature with a charge attack, the target becomes shaken for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your barbarian level (minimum 1). This effect does not stack with other fear effects to cause a stronger condition. PZO1129
Undead Blood Barbarian 6, undead blood (lesser) While raging, all of your melee attacks are treated as if they have the ghost touch weapon special ability. PZO1129
Greater Undead Blood Barbarian 10, undead blood (lesser), undead blood While raging, you gain cold resistance 10, and DR 10/— vs. nonlethal damage. PZO1129
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Shadow Blood (Su) Barbarian 6, lesser shadow blood Weapons are considered magic and silver while raging, eventually also cold iron. PS
Shadow Blood, Greater (Su) Barbarian 10, shadow blood Gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against illusions and fear while raging. PS
Shadow Blood, Lesser (Su) Three times per rage, infuse weapons with shadows to grant them frost weapon property. PS
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