Dweomerden Wizard

A Dweomerden wizard has the following class features.

Bonus Spells

A Dweomerden wizard is adept at the use of various utilitarian spells. He gains one additional spell slot of each wizard spell level he is able to cast (including level 0). He may only use these spell slots to prepare spells from the following list:

0-level spellsdetect magic, detect poison, light, mending, message, open/close, read magic

1st-level spellsalarm, animate rope, comprehend languages, endure elements, erase, floating disk, hold portal, identify, mount, unseen servant

2nd-level spellsarcane lock, continual flame, knock, locate object, make whole, phantom trap, rope trick, whispering wind

3rd-level spellsdaylight, gentle repose, illusory script, phantom steed, secret page, shrink item, tiny hut, tongues

4th-level spellsdetect scrying, locate creature, minor creation, remove curse, secure shelter, stone shape

5th-level spellsbreak enchantment, fabricate, mage’s private sanctum, major creation, secret chest, sending

6th-level spellsanalyze dweomer, control water, guards and wards, legend lore, move earth, stone to flesh

7th-level spellscontrol weather, instant summons, mage’s magnificent mansion, phase door, teleport object

8th-level spellsclone, dimensional lock, discern location

9th-level spellsfreedom, refuge, soul bind

This replaces arcane school and Scribe Scroll.

Practical Magic (Su)

Whenever a Dweomerden wizard make a Craft, Heal, or Survival check, he may use his total Spellcraft skill bonus in place of his bonus in the skill normally used to make that check. When substituting in this way, the Dweomerden wizard uses his total Spellcraft skill bonus, including class skill bonus, in place of the other skill’s bonus, whether or not he has ranks in that skill or has it as a class skill. The Dweomerden wizard may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Intelligence modifier (minimum 1).

Versatile Spells

Starting at 8th level, a Dweomerden wizard can prepare two spells in each 1st or higher-level bonus spell slot granted by his bonus spells ability. Whenever the Dweomerden wizard casts either of two spells prepared in the same spell slot, both of those spells are expended as if cast. Once per day at 20th level, a Dweomerden wizard can cast any one spell he could prepare in one of these bonus spell slots without preparing it in advance. This spell can be modified by metamagic feats the Dweomerden wizard possesses as desired, up to a maximum effective spell level of 9th, and does not count against the Dweomerden wizard’s normal number of spells per day.

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Convergent Paths: Students of Arcanum Archetypes Copyright 2013 Steven D. Russell; Author: Eric Morton

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