Spirit-Scarred Paladin

Some noble paladins take up the sword against incorporeal threats, yet some are born with a natural connection to the spirits of the living world, both cursing these holy warriors and granting them strange abilities.

The spirit-scarred paladin is an archetype of the paladin class.

Detect Undead (Sp)

At will, a spirit-scarred paladin can use detect undead as the spell however this ability can only detect incorporeal undead.

This replaces detect good.

Revitalizing Body (Su)

At third level a spirit-scarred paladin recovers ability damage at a rate of two per day, and recovers from ability drain at a rate of one point per day.

This ability replaces divine health.

Spirit Scarred (Su)

At first level a spirit-scarred paladin selects an oracle curse and gains the benefits of it, using his spirit-scarred paladin level as his oracle level for determining the benefits and hindrances. If an oracle curse would add a spell of a level the spirit-scarred paladin could not cast to his spell list (such as the blackened curse granting delayed blast fireball) he instead gains that spell as a spell-like ability useable 3 times per day.

Spirit Magic (Su)

A spirit-scarred paladin’s bond to the spirit world grants him spells he normally could not normally have access to. At fourth level and every even level afterwards the spirit-scarred paladin adds a spell from the shaman list to his spell list. This spell cannot have the chaotic or evil spell descriptors and must be of a level he is able to cast. Spells gained this way use the spirit-scarred paladin’s Charisma for the purpose of determining save DC’s and making concentration checks.

This ability replaces mercy.

Divine Bond (Su)

A spirit-scarred paladin must choose to create a divine bond with his weapon, and cannot choose to bond with a mount. He adds the ghost touch and undead bane weapon special properties that he may add to his weapon when using divine bond.

This ability modifies divine bond.

Ghost-bane Armor (Su)

At 7th level any set of armor worn by the spirit-scarred paladin automatically gains the ghost touch armor property.

This ability replaces the use of smite evil gained at level seven.

Phantom Wings (Su)

At 13th level the spirit scarred paladin can manifest phantasmal wings from his back that grant him a fly speed of 60 ft. He may use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to his level. The minutes need not be consecutive but must be spent in one minute increments.

This replaces the use of smite evil gained at 13th level.

Guardian Angel Spirit (Su)

At 20th level a spirit-scarred paladin makes contact with an angelic spirit. He may summon a movanic deva ghost to aid him in battle for a number of rounds equal to his level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive. The spirit-scarred paladin can dismiss the angel as free action. He may select the movanic deva‘s special abilities granted by the ghost template upon gaining this ability but once those abilities are chosen they cannot be changed. If the movanic deva is slain in combat a spirit-scarred paladin cannot call upon the angel for 24 hours.

This ability replaces holy champion.
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