Charger (Companion Archetype)

The mighty charger is a boon to heavily armored and armed champions, bearing them and their ironmongery into battle without hesitation.

Animal Feats

In addition to the standard animal companion feats, a charger may select Charge Through, Greater Overrun, Improved Great Fortitude, and Improved Iron Will.

Animal Skills

Chargers treat Intimidate as a class skill.

Mounted Challenge (Ex)

When ridden by a cavalier, chargers gain half of the bonuses and penalties granted by the cavalier’s challenge class feature.

This ability replaces share spells*. The cavalier’s mount only gains half the listed number of bonus tricks (minimum 0).

Barding Training (Ex)

At 3rd level, a charger’s armor check penalty for wearing barding or for carrying a medium load is reduced by 1 and the maximum Dexterity bonus for its armor and load increases by 1. Reduce the armor check and medium load penalties by an additional 1 for every 6 levels after 3rd; increase the maximum Dexterity bonus for the charger’s armor by an additional 1 for every 6 levels after 3rd. In addition, the charger’s speed does not decrease when wearing medium armor or carrying a medium load.

At 9th level, a charger can move at normal speed in heavy armor or while carrying a heavy load.

This ability replaces evasion and Multiattack.

Indefatigable (Ex)

At 6th level, a charger becomes immune to fatigue.

This ability replaces devotion.

Stalwart Steed (Ex)

At 15th level, the charger gains the ability to withstand great punishment and stress. Whenever the charger succeeds at a Fortitude or Will save that would normally result in a reduced or partial effect, the charger is unaffected.

This ability replaces improved evasion.

Editor’s Note

Wait a minute… Cavalier mounts don’t get the share spells companion ability! Does this mean my cavaliers mount can not gain this archetype?

This appears to have been “stealth-fixed” in a PFS errata.


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