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Arcane Patrons

As with other witch patrons, there are forces or entities that represent the eight traditional schools of magic. Witches may seek a pact with these entities to gain the benefits of the patron, gaining access to bonus spells not found on the Witch’s Spell List.


Abjuration: 2nd—Shield, 4th—Resist Energy, 6th—Nondetection, 8th—Stoneskin, 10th—Dismissal, 12th—Antimagic Field, 14th—Spell Turning, 16th—Prismatic Wall, 18th—Wall of Suppression.

Conjuration: 2nd—Grease, 4th—Stone Call, 6th—Mad Monkeys, 8th—Acid Pit, 10th—Lesser Planar Binding, 12th—Planar Binding, 14th—Mage’s Magnificent Mansion, 16th—Greater Planar Binding, 18th—Gate.

Divination: 2nd—See Alignment, 4th—Elemental Speech, 6th—Blood Biography, 8th—Detect Scrying, 10th—Commune, 12th—Battlemind Link, 14th—Greater Scrying, 16th—Discern Location, 18th—Foresight.

Enchantment: 2nd—Memory Lapse, 4th—Hideous Laughter, 6th—Dominate Animal, 8th—Control Summoned Creature, 10th—Greater Command, 12th—Serenity, 14th—Insanity, 16th—Euphoric Tranquility, 18th—Dominate Monster.

Evocation: 2nd—Magic Missile, 4th—Scorching Ray, 6th—Elemental Aura, 8th—Detonate, 10th—Wall of Force, 12th—Contagious Flame, 14th—Prismatic Spray, 16th—Clenched Fist, 18th—Meteor Swarm.

Illusion: 2nd—Silent Image, 4th—Mirror Image, 6th—Invisibility Sphere, 8th—Hallucinatory Terrain, 10th—Persistent Image, 12th—Veil, 14th—Simulacrum, 16th—Scintillating Pattern, 18th—Weird.

Necromancy: 2nd—Sculpt Corpse, 4th—Command Undead, 6th—Gentle Repose, 8th—Animate Dead, 10th—Absorb Toxicity, 12th—Create Undead, 14th—Finger of Death, 16th—Create Greater Undead, 18th—Energy Drain.

Transmutation: 2nd—Magic Weapon, 4th—Spider Climb, 6th—Beast Shape I, 8th—Elemental Body I, 10th—Plant Shape I, 12th—Form of the Dragon I, 14th—Giant Form I, 16th—Iron Body, 18th—Shapechange.

Alternate Patron Themes

The following five patron themes were designed to give your witch an eclectic flavor ranging from the scholarly to the whimsy. The three Fey based themes were designed with the Fey Touched Witch Archetype found in the Archetype section. The Summer theme was designed as the antithesis of the Winter Patron theme found in PRG:UM. The Arcane was designed for a more scholarly build and fits well with the Occult Scholar Archetype found in the Archetype section.


Arcane: 2nd – Memory Lapse, 4th – Arcane Lock, 6th – Explosive Runes, 8th – Mnemonic Enhancer*, 10th – Dismissal, 12th – Planar Binding (Lesser), 14th – Banishment, 16th – Planar Binding (Greater), 18th – Gate.

*Although limited to Wizards, since witches prepare their spells the witch can use this spell if she has an Arcane Patron.

Courtly Fey: 2nd – Disguise Self, 4th – Invisibility, 6th – Major Image, 8th – Invisibility (Greater), 10th – Dream, 12th – Veil, 14th – Project Image, 16th – Screen, 18th – Time Stop.

Nature Fey: 2nd – Barkskin, 4th – Tree Shape, 6th – Diminish Plants or Plant Growth, 8th – Command Plants, 10th – Wall of Thorns, 12th – Transport via Plants, 14th – Animate Plants, 16th – Control Plants, 18th – Shambler.

Summer: 2nd – Cloak of Shade, 4th – Heat Metal, 6th – Daylight, 8th – Blight, 10th – Call Lightning Storm, 12th – Sirocco, 14th – Sunbeam, 16th – Sunburst, 18th – Winds of Vengeance.

Whimsy Fey: 2nd – Faerie Fire, 4th – Hideous Laughter, 6th – Snare, 8th – Reduce Person (Mass), 10th – Nightmare, 12th – Mislead, 14th – Spell Turning, 16th – Scintillating Pattern, 18th – Shapechange

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