Jewel Bound Familiar

Prerequisite(s): Kitsune race.

Benefit(s): The witch bonds her familiar to a jewel, allowing it to change shape into a grape-sized jewel as a standard action. When her familiar in her square or in an adjacent square, it transforms in a way that the witch is holding he jewel when the transformation is complete. Alternatively, the witch’s familiar can orbit her head as an ioun stone or affix itself to an amulet, belt, or ring she is wearing or a staff, wand, or weapon she is wielding.

While in this form, treat the familiar as an intelligent magic item with the familiar’s mental ability scores but no magical abilities. The witch can add magical enhancements, intelligent item powers, and intelligent item senses to her familiar if she possesses Craft Wondrous Item. The witch must first enhance her familiar into a kitsune star gem before adding any intelligent item powers or senses. While in jewel form, the familiar retains its original hit points, but gains the hardness of the item it transforms into. If the familiar takes enough points of damage in item form to become broken, it automatically reverts to its familiar form and cannot change to item form again until it is healed to its maximum hit point total. In its true form, the familiar’s eyes appear as cut, sparkling gemstones.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Kitsune Compendium © 2014, Everyman Gaming, LLC.; Authors: Alexander Augunas.

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