Malignant Token (Su)

If the witch dies by any means they can decide to leave a physical token of their wrath. The witch leaves a terrible curse upon a worn magical item in their possession of their choice. This curse functions as grim stalker except that the duration is permanent. If the haunt is forced to manifest and is slain the curse and its effects resume after 1 week. A creature in possession of this item must attempt a will saving throw to willingly lose possession of it. If the creature fails its save the item will reappear somewhere on their person after 1d6 hours, even crossing planar boundaries to do so. If the witch is returned to life by any means this effect ends.

Akasha is the power of creation itself, the very essence of magic. Akasha resonates with arcane, divine, and psionic energy, often acting as a natural amplifier for those power sources, though it is potent in its own right. Sages and scholars have debated whether akasha is the result of those power sources mixing and meshing with the life energy of mortal beings, or if perhaps it is the undiluted source from which those diverse powers sprang. What is known is that all creatures have some facility to access this power or be accessed by it.

Veils are the most common tools by which akashic magic is utilized, created when a creature channels akashic energy through natural conduits in the body, known as chakra. This energy is then molded by the willpower of the creature from which it sprang into a semi-tangible construct capable of converting the wielder’s life energy, known as essence, into a near infinite variety of effects.

Every creature has a finite amount of essence in their being, referred to as an essence pool. While essence is not typically expended when veils or other akashic effects are activated, a given creature can only devote a certain amount of their essence to any particular function. This is done by investing the essence into the chosen receptacle, which could be a veil, akashic feat, or other ability. Unless otherwise noted, investing or reallocating essence to or from a valid receptacle is a swift action. Veils are limited only by the wearer’s focus and imagination. When a character first gains access to a veilweaving class, he has the potential to manifest and utilize any veil available to that class, though his facility with that veil may vary depending on the size of his essence pool and whether or not he has unlocked the associated chakra, enabling him to bind a veil or effect. Binding is a process veilweavers and other wielders of akashic magic learn through experience and growth. When they’ve utilized a particular chakra long enough that it has become imbued with a surplus of akashic power, akashic characters learn how to build even more complex and powerful constructs by utilizing the reinforced channels of energy in their bodies. This is the process known as binding, and it is possibly one of the most potent abilities any veilweaver can learn.

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