Faithful Servant Unbound (Su)

If the witch dies by any means they can choose to leave behind a remnant of their power in the form of their familiar. The witch’s familiar retains the witch’s spells permanently, rather than for only 24 hours after their death. Any changes to the familiar’s statistics derived from the witch’s levels are retained, and it gains the ability to cast any of the witch’s patron spells as spell-like abilities each once per day, using the witch’s caster level and save DCs. The familiar also gains one hex from the list possessed by the witch, using the witch’s level and Intelligence modifier to determine the effects and DCs of the selected hex. If the witch is returned to life by any means the familiar returns to normal.

The witch must have a familiar to select this grand hex.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Fisherking © 2020, Publishing; Author: James Ray.

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