Cupbearer (Witch Archetype)

A cupbearer’s value to her liege is not only measured by her ability to detect poison, but also by her ability to dispatch a rival power. Cupbearers that believe they have tempted fate more times than is wise, or have grown bored with court life, often take leave of their lords and seek adventure elsewhere.

A cupbearer has the following class features.

Class Skills

A cupbearer gains Diplomacy and Survival, but does not gain Intimidate.

This alters class skills.

Recipe Book

At 1st level, a cupbearer does not gain a familiar; instead, she gains a recipe book which functions exactly as a wizard’s bonded object. A cupbearer stores her spells in her recipe book and must review it before preparing spells just as though she were communing with her familiar. In order to have effect, a cupbearer’s recipe book must be either in hand or carried on her person. Furthermore, as long as a cupbearer’s recipe book is in her possession, she gains a +3 enhancement bonus on Fortitude saving throws to avoid being poisoned. At 10th level, a cupbearer gains immunity to poison as long as her recipe book is in her possession.

This replaces witches familiar.

Poison Patron

At 1st level, a cupbearer must select the poison patron*.

Poison: 2nd—corrosive touch; 4th—sickening entanglement; 6th—fungal infestation; 8th—acid pit, 10th—corrosive consumption, 12th—acid fog, 14th—creeping doom, 16th—blood mist, 18th—transmute blood to acid.

This alters patron spells.

Sweet Treats (Su)

At 8th level, as part of studying her recipe book each day in preparation for spellcasting, a cupbearer can prepare a selection of pastries. These pastries can be created from any material- rocks, grass, and even old socks, yet when they are ingested, they taste almost sickeningly sweet.

A cupbearer can produce a number of portions per day equal to her Intelligence modifier. Each portion remains potent for 24 hours as long as it remains in the cupbearer’s possession; as soon as it leaves her possession, its potency lasts 1 round and its flavor degrades to that of rancid garbage.

A sweet treat requires a standard action to consume, granting a +1 circumstance bonus for 24 hours on Fortitude saving throws made against poisons, disease, starvation, and the sickened and nauseated conditions. It also supplies enough sustenance to support one Medium creature for an entire day. If the cupbearer eats a portion, not only are her daily nutritional needs satisfied, but her words ring sweet and sincere for 24 hours, granting her a bonus on Diplomacy skill rolls equal to 1/2 her cupbearer level. Additionally, a cupbearer can apply one of the following spells to 1 portion each day: neutralize poison, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse, remove disease. The spell effect is triggered upon ingestion of the enchanted pastry.

Only the cupbearer can benefit from consuming more than one portion in a 24 hour period. (The circumstance bonus to Fortitude saves does not stack with itself from ingesting more than one portion a day.)

This replaces the hex gained at 8th level.

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