Pyre Witch

A pyre witch’s goal is to bring renewal to the world. Out of all the elements, a pyre witch looks at fire as being the element of life itself, and representative of the divine spark present in all living things. They go out of their way to burn the dead and rotting detritus of the world away so that true life can flourish and the divine fire of life can be fanned. Decay and undeath are their enemies, and light and life their unwavering allies.


A pyre witch must select the pyre patron as their witch patron and must be able to speak Ignan or Celestial.

Class skills: The pyre witch adds Knowledge (religion) to their class skills. A pyre witch can never take the flesh servant hex (see below) or learn spells or hexes that create or summon undead of any sort.

A pyre witch has the following class features.

Fire Soul (Su)

The pyre witch starts with the pyre hex at 1st level. Additionally, they can add +1/2 of their Intelligence bonus (rounded down) to this hex’s damage.

This ability alters the witch’s standard hex gained at 1st level.

Spark of Life (Su)

The witch gains fire resistance 5. She can also consume non-magical fire for basic sustenance when food is scarce. Candle flames are a snack, torches a small 15 meal, and campfires are a feast. The witch can also transmute any memorized spell of 1st level or higher with the fire descriptor and turn it into an equivalent level or lower level cure spell from the witch’s spell list.

This ability replaces the witch’s standard hex gained at 4th level.

Fire Friend (Su)

The witch’s familiar is replaced by a fire mephit or small fire elemental as per the Improved Familiar feat, however the familiar’s alignment changes to match the witch’s. Additionally, all healing spells, fire spells, and similar hexes cast by the pyre witch gain a +1 to their DC. Finally, any durations for such spells and hexes are doubled.

This alters the witch’s familiar class ability and also replaces the standard hex gained at 8th level.

Phoenix Shroud (Sp)

Once per day the pyre witch can burst into flame for a total of one round per level. When on fire in this way, the witch is completely immune to fire and inflicts an additional 1d6 points of fire damage with each melee attack, and any creature within 5 feet must make a Reflex save each round at the start of its turn to avoid taking the same damage. Creatures making attacks against the pyre witch with natural weapons or weapons without reach take 1d6 fire damage on a successful hit. This effect cannot be dismissed early, and the witch continues to burn even after falling unconscious or dead, although dispel magic or a similar effect can end it early.

This ability replaces the witch’s standard hex gained at 12th level.

Dawning Rebirth (Su)

When a pyre witch is reduced to 0 hit points or lower for the first time each day, they burst into flame as per their phoenix shroud ability. The witch then immediately gains the benefit of a breath of life spell, including the temporary negative level if the spell brings them back from death.

This ability replaces the witch’s standard hex gained at 16th level.

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