Ink Witch

They say an ink witch is made, not born. Masters of writing and iconography, ink witches often end up tattooed from head to toe looking more like a moving work of art than a living creature.

Class Skills

The ink witch adds Linguistics to their list of class skills.

Class Features

An ink witch has the following class features.

Inkling Familiar (Su)

The witch’s familiar gains the ink-infused template (See below).

This ability alters the witch’s familiar class ability and replaces the witch’s standard hex gained at 1st level.

Inked Armor (Ex)

The witch’s tattoos, both magical and normal, begin to act like armor. This gives the witch a +1 natural armor bonus. This AC improves by another +1 for every 4 additional levels of witch taken, to a maximum of +4 at 16th level. Additionally, whenever the witch gains a hex, a stylized tattoo immediately grows to represent it.

This ability replaces the witch’s standard hex gained at 4th level.

Under the Skin (Ex)

An ink witch gains great insight into writing and tattoos, including magical ones. They gain a +4 insight bonus to any skill check made to identify, understand, and create writing or tattoos of any sort. The witch also automatically gains the Scribe Scroll item creation feat if they do not have it yet.

This ability replaces the witch’s standard hex gained at 8th level.

Witch’s Mark (Su)

When this ability manifests, a new tattoo grows and appears upon the witch’s forehead. This tattoo is unique to the witch, and is a stylized creation of the witch’s patron. Once per day the witch can touch a creature or object and mark it with a magical version of the tattoo similar to the arcane mark cantrip, as a swift action. This tattoo can last up to a week, and can be activated with a standard action if it is in the same plane of existence as the witch. When activated, the witch gains insight into the target and its location, and it allows the witch to make a DC 15 Heal check to determine a living target’s current physical and mental state, including active spells cast upon it, or if it is dead or undead. Activating the witch’s mark also staggers the target for one round if it fails a Will save. The DC is equal to 10 + 1/2 the caster’s level plus the witch’s Intelligence modifier. Most importantly, the witch learns the general direction and distance of the target at the moment the tattoo is activated and gets a general impression of its surroundings (in the dark deep underground, outside in a forest, in a large city, etc.). These magical marks are immune to the erase spell, and can only be removed with a remove curse or similarly powerful magic.

This ability replaces the witch’s standard hex gained at 12th level.

Ink Form (Su)

When this ability manifests, the witch gains the ability to transform into a Small, Medium, or Large sized ink-like ooze as per the ooze form II spell. This form can last for up to 1 hour per level, but can only be activated once per day.

At 20th level this ability can be activated twice per day, and can be used as per the ooze form III spell.

This ability replaces the witch’s standard hex gained at 16th level.

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